Must-Read Links Roundup: “Broad City,” Consent, Ferguson’s Corruption

The most compelling stories from our favorite sources.

The Broad City Hustle

New York’s profiler extraordinaire Jada Yuan outlines the world domination plans of Abbi Jacobsen and Ilana Glazer, our favorite Comedy Central broads. And that is a world we want to live in.


The Phone Rang. It Was My College Rapist

Jen Sorensen turns a friend’s rape story into a comic for Fusion. Her jaunty drawings somehow make the narrative even more harrowing. And, for other survivors, hopefully helpful.


SAE, White Thugs and American Traditions

DAME contributor Kirsten West Savali’s blistering piece for The Root, about why University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s entrenched racism should come as no surprise to anyone. 


Cher, Bloody Marys, and Dementia: The Heartbreak and Comic Absurdity of Caring for an Aging Mom

In this essay for Salon,veteran magazine and book editor George Hodgman writes of his 92-year-old mother Betty with such love, injecting just enough humor to make her descent into dementia more moving than macabre. His memoir Bettyville is next on our reading list.


Consent: Not Actually That Complicated

Emmeline May, the woman behind the blog Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess, has a genius analogy for consent. It involves tea (she’s a Brit).


Harper Lee’s Condition Debated by Friends, Fans and Now State of Alabama

As fervor continues over the revelation that an old Harper Lee manuscript will be published this year, the New York Times examines the war being waged over the 88-year-old author’s cognizance, and consent.


12 Women on Twitter and Self-Promotion

Women are notoriously bad at self-promotion. And social media can be…complicated. This handy piece from Vulture offers insight from the wise minds of Emily Nussbaum, Anna Holmes, Jia Tolentino, and more.


How Ferguson’s Legal System Echoes an Ugly Past

Adam Serwer’s BuzzFeed story relates present-day Ferguson, with its appalling corruption, racism, and forced servitude, to post-emancipation America, which, horrifically, didn’t look that different.


How Serena Williams Will Keep Her Grace Under Fire at Indian Wells

Serena Williams has been very good to tennis. But tennis? It’s been pretty terrible to Serena, especially 14 years ago at the Indian Wells tournament. Aaron Randle’s piece on Jezebel looks at what she’s endured, and why her return to Indian Wells is a triumph in itself.


Photo by Bobby Doherty via New York Magazine



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