Best of 2018

The Words That Helped Us Survive 2018

It was a year of merciless chaos and constitutional disarray, but our DAME contributors helped us make sense of it all. Cheers to them, to independent journalism, and to a brighter 2019.

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As far as memorable years go, 2018 has been brutal. From the escalation of abuse against marginalized populations to the outing of predators in power, from the unprecedented merciless unconstitutional operations of the White House to the activist movements that are leading the revolution, we’ve been on edge and awestruck every minute. Our amazing contributors have been there to document it all. Their investigative reporting, insightful analysis, and critical—and sometimes comical—takes on the events of this year have offered enlightenment, explanation, and in many ways, relief. As we look toward 2019, let’s take a moment to celebrate some of DAME’s most popular and insightful work of this past year.

White Women Aren’t Afraid of Black People. They Want Power.
By Stacey Patton

The history of white women harassing innocent Black people and siccing cops and at times, murderous vigilantes, on them dates back to the birth of this nation. The reason? A mortal fear of losing their place within the white patriarchy.

The Deafening Complacency of Melania Trump
By Fiona Landers

The New York Times thinks the First Lady has a “quiet radicalism.” But don’t mistake her disdain for her husband as an act of resistance.

The Golden State Killer in My Backyard
By Molly Ringwald

Reflecting on her childhood fear of the serial rapist and murderer, who was recently arrested in her hometown, the actress and writer wonders how her parents were able to ultimately make her feel safe.

Telling the Stories of the Unclaimed Dead
By Deb Stone

A longtime child-welfare advocate uses her skills to locate next of kin for unsolved cases, bringing closure to grieving families, and making peace with her own painful past.

Stop Calling Black Women “Superheroes”
By Nyasha Junior

Women of color like Therese Patricia Okoumou have been at the frontlines of activism for centuries. But portraying them as superhuman diminishes the very real struggles they face daily.

Words Matter. And Political Propaganda Is Destroying Them
By Amy Westervelt

Politicians have always manipulated language to fit their agenda. But when journalists validate and repeat it, they’re introducing it into the national idiom.

Can You De-Trump a Trumpist Town?
By Bridey Heing

In a deeply red district in a small Illinois community, a resistance movement slowly but steadily built itself with rage and fierce determination.

What Men Need to Know About Sexist Microaggressions
By Soraya Chemaly

Women put up with catcalls, lewd jokes, and being objectified every day, and society tells us to let it go. But we’re sending the wrong message.

We’re Becoming a Nation Without Doctors
By Sophia Kercher

What will happen for our aging population and women’s health care when we face a shortage of primary care physicians?

Are Evangelical Adoption Agencies Stealing Children?
By Christopher Stroop

American religious groups have a long history of adopting children from asylum seekers and from families in poorer nations. But are they saving kids’ lives—or trafficking them?

Is Familicide the #MeToo Moment for Domestic Violence?
By Victoria Brownworth

Nearly every mass shooting in the past few years has been perpetrated by a man with a history of abuse. So where’s the public outcry for this chronic threat to women’s lives?

There’s a Predator in My Building
By Ann Bauer

What do you do when your apartment-building security is making you feel even more unsafe?

Is the Solidarity of Sisterhood a Myth?
By Kate Tuttle

There’s a good reason Moira Donegan created a private space like the Shitty Media Men list. So why would another woman seek to violate that trust?

Is “Big Data” a Big Danger to Humanity?
By Lisa Needham

Advanced technology promises to modernize everything from communication to war, but math and machines are not immune to human bias.

The Environmental Movement Has a Classism Problem
By Naomi LaChance

Whether pushing for electric cars, energy-efficient light bulbs, or solar panels, green tech policies often ignore low-income communities, putting them at even greater risk.

The Supreme Court’s Silence on Abortion Is Deadly
By Robin Marty

Does SCOTUS’s consistent inaction on the issue mean that we’ve already lost our right to choose?

Sometimes “Helping” Can Really Hurt
By Ashley Nicole Black

When you resent someone for having to take on their work, but don’t tell them, who suffers most? And is it possible to forgive your parents for obsessing over your weight? Our new advice column and podcast, Sip On This with Ashley Nicole Black, helped readers through personal, professional, and financial problems this year, with encouragement, compassion, and a touch of humor.

It’s Not Collusion With Trump. It’s Treason.
By Robin Alperstein

We’re watching an American president trash the nation and people he’s supposed to defend, and ally himself with the hostile foreign power that attacked us.

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