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Must-Read Links Roundup: “Parks & Rec’s” Brilliance, Barbara Boxer + More

The most compelling stories from our favorite sources.

Janet Mock: This Is Who I Am 

Ever since writer and activist Janet Mock recounted her story about transitioning to Marie Claire in 2011, she’s emerged as one of the leading voices of the trans community. In this piece, she talks about bucking expectations and finding her true self.


My Boyfriend Loves Fat Women

Kristin Chirico’s deeply personal Buzzfeed essay about being fat, being loved, and being happy with both.


What Happened When a Handsome White Actor Shed a Tear Over “Glory”

DAME contributor Kirsten West Savali looks at the post-Oscars hypocrisy of naming Chris Pine the “face of the civil rights.”


The Disappeared: Chicago Police Detain Americans at Abuse-Laden “Black Site” 

This account in the Guardian of Chicago’s “off-the-books interrogation compound” will chill you to the bone.


Why Does “Togetherness” Act Like Feminism Never Happened?

Elle‘s Elissa Strauss nails our vague discontent with a show we really want to like. 


Barbara Boxer Knocks It Out of the F*cking Park with GOP Hypocrisy, Irresponsibility & Obama Hatred

These excerpts from Senator Barbara Boxer’s glorious speech on Tuesday have us shaking our fist at the fact that she’s retiring next year, when we need her more than ever.


Just Checking In

Never has an email exchange hit equally upon dread and mirth as this hilarity of terrors, a pas de deux of pranks between writers Virginia Heffernan and Paul Ford on Medium.


The Girl Who Gets Gifts From Birds

An 8-year-old girl who receives shiny trinkets from the crows she’s befriended? This BBC piece is like a real-life fairy tale!


The Brilliant, Confident Liberalism of Parks and Recreation

Alyssa Rosenberg’s Washington Post piece on the series finale of one of TV’s kindest sitcoms reminds us that the reasons we’ll miss it go far beyond the funny.  


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