Must-Read Links: Nicki Minaj’s Power Move, Meryl’s Privilege + More

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The Passion of Nicki Minaj

In Vanessa Grigoriadis’s debut for New York Times Magazine, the profile artist proves she is a master at bringing pop-culture icons to life on the page—even when being shown the door. And Nicki Minaj, her subject, proves that she is and forever will be, boss.


Why Rape Was Impossible: A Look at the Terrifying Medical Logic of 18th Century Law

The war on women is dire. But we can at least take heart that we’re not living in the 1700s when, as Therese Oneill writes at Jezebel, the medical book that helped rule the courts was a misogynistic load of crap. (Which is almost certainly how the future will view regard today’s Republican rhetoric.)


It’s Up to Men in Power to Take the First Step Toward Diversity in TV

“If the TV industry is going to truly change, men will need to be at the forefront of that evolution.” At Variety, Maureen Ryan writes about our male allies in the industry, and the crucial role they could take in changing the influential medium’s gender landscape.


Why Those ‘Suffragette’ T-Shirts Are a Racial Slap

On the cover of Time Out, Meryl Streep donned a tee that read “I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.” Ebony’s Jamilah Lemieux makes it clear why this “empowering” suffragette slogan actually reinforces racism instead. 


The Myth of the Good Guy with the Gun

“It’s an intuitive and appealing idea—that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun…. And yet it rarely plays out as envisioned.” At Politico, Matt Valentine explains why more people with guns won’t make us safer.


I Love My Boyfriend But I Never Want to Get Married

At the Washington Post, DAME columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel reminds everyone that marriage isn’t the end-all be all for a woman—even one in a committed relationship.


Grace Lee Boggs, Advocate for Many Causes for 7 Decades, Dies at 100

In the 1940s Grace Lee Boggs was a tenant organizer in Chicago. By the time she died in Detroit on Monday, as her obit in the New York Times recounts, she had fought tirelessly for civil rights, feminism, the environment, and human rights. May the revolution she envisioned grow closer everyday.  


Those Who Decry Abortion But Condone Gun Violence Are Anti-Woman, Not Pro-Life

“While 51 new abortion restrictions have been enacted at the state level this first half of this year alone, not a single bill has reached the floor of the US House that would attempt to address gun violence.” At the Guardian, Martha Plimpton makes no qualms about calling out the GOP’s “pro-life” hypocrisy.


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