“We Have Advanced Beyond the Need to Have an Ism Championing Gender Equality”

GWAR, the legendary metal band, has a new front woman named Vulvatron (!!). She speaks to DAME about the state of feminism in the future and intergalactic PMS.

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Eons ago, an elite group of warriors called The Scumdogs of the Universe roamed the galaxy until they were banished to this seething mudball known as Earth. That is just the beginning of the mythos of Gwar—a legendary thrash-metal band from Richmond, Virginia, known for its political satire and outrageous stage show full of faux bodily fluids. Fifteen albums and nearly three decades later, reality hit hard when singer Dave Brockie (aka: Oderus Urungus) died earlier this year, leaving fans stunned and wondering about the future of their favorite art-rock extravaganza. Despite this seismic disruption, Gwar continued, with a move that shook the male-dominated metal culture to its core. Now Kim Dylla (aka: Vulvatron), along with Michael Bishop (aka: Blóthar), are leading the group’s charge across the U.S. The announcement of a female front-person in a band known for its dude-centric audience, side-character lady “slaves,” and a former dancer/back-up singer named Slymenstra Hymen (who left to pursue burlesque) seems like a stomp in the right direction. Gwar’s not everyone’s cup of mead, but grotesque performance art can’t be just boys’ fun, either.

Vulvatron’s human alter ego Kim Dylla works at the University of Virginia’s Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities while her paintings of high-energy physics equipment have exhibited worldwide. She was in several bands before Gwar and has clothed the likes of Rob Zombie, Cradle of Filth, Machine Head, and more as head heavy metal seamstress at Kylla Custom Rock Wear. She speaks with DAME as Vulvatron, about to embark on GWAR’s North American “Eternal Tour,” which kicks off today, in Norfolk, Virginia.

How did Gwar find you?

I found them. I traveled back from the future to warn Gwar about their impending doom, and to alter their present trajectory.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

In the year 69000 we have advanced beyond the need to have an “ism” championing gender equality. The concept is archaic to me.

Where do you get your outfits?

My main slave is CEO of intergalactic fashion conglomerate Kylla Custom Rock Wear, and they forged me a series of custom molybdenum couture battle armor new for the fall season. 

Are the Scumdogs of Gwar your minions or equals or … how does that work?

We are all scumdogs, though they are much older than I and less attractive.

What kinds of things did you do to prepare for Gwar’s Eternal Tour?

A strict regimen of training on the battlefield, in the studio, and on the liver.

Does Vulvatron get PMS and if so, what does that look like?

Post-war Dresden.

Your website says the tour includes “the search for Oderus Urungus.” Where do you believe him to be?

He’s in the year 69000 really making a mess of things for our objectives. I think the future crack and future hookers are too much for him.

Do you have a message for aspiring young Vulvatrons?

Acquire and hone skills in many different arts and sciences. Do your squats.

Photo credit: Flickr user silverfuture

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