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What Witches Have to Do with Women’s Health

Is our country’s historic witch panic the reason for our current male-dominated medical profession? At Salon, Soraya Chemaly takes a fascinating, and convincing, look at how the misogynist practice of burning witches got us health-wise to where we are today.


In Conversation: Anna Wintour

New York’s Amy LaRocca sits down for a rare conversation with fashion’s reigning bobbed queen about leaning in, anxiety, and Hillary Clinton in 2016.


I Don’t Have A Uterus

One of the most touching pieces we read this week was this heartrending essay by Caitlin Myer on The Butter, about marriage, divorce, death, grief, and the life-changing nature of an unexpected hysterectomy.


The Price of Nice Nails

This piece by Sarah Maslin Nir in the New York Times reveals how routinely women working in nails salons are underpaid and exploited. Your manicure is part of the problem. And her follow-up piece, “Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers,” is just as important. 


If Dadbod Is the Path to Mombod, Let Dadbod Lead the Way

The #Dadbod trend gave us a serious case of the eyerolls, but if Jezebel’s Tracy Moore is right about the path it’s possibly paving for the male gaze, we just might change our minds.


What We’re Getting Wrong About Baltimore

“Mostly I’ve been photographing children holding flowers, women dancing and waving flags, church groups, young men with thought-provoking homemade signs, permitted marches, and a resounding insistence on calm from community leaders,” writes photojournalist Natalie Keyssar. Her images on Medium show what the Baltimore uprising really looks like.


The Quest for Transgender Equality

The first installment of the New York Times series examining the state of transgender rights, and, more importantly, propelling a shift toward acceptance.


Death to the Maxi Dress: A Manifesto

Plan on wearing this spring/summer staple? DAME contrib Sarah Miller says, “Don’t you dare,” hilariously, at Jezebel.


Woman Made Pregnant by Boko Haram Rapists Reveals Her Horror

A truly sickening account of what it was like to be held hostage by Boko Haram. One we should all read, so we do not lose our rage against the Nigerian terrorists.


Now Pick Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms … or Mx for No Specific Gender

At least in the U.K., gender-neutral folks have an official title, Mx. It’s now accepted by government departments and banks alike. Here’s hoping the U.S. follows 


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