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Must-See Links: The Triumph of ‘Broad City,’ Period Pain, + Ab Fab!

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The return of Broad City wasn’t the only thing we watched and read about and obsessed over this week. The Ab Fab movie trailer hit our screens and so did our fave SNL lady Aidy Bryant’s short film Darby Forever. The lack of period pain research was called into question as was the systemic problem of rape by police officers, and the New Yorker‘s TMZ story was the expose we didn’t know we were waiting for. Plus the financial costs of being female, a fascinating podcast on the real mothers of gynecology, and a very gratifying letter to that homeless-hating tech bro. 


READ: Broad City and the Triumph of the Platonic Rom-Com

“Abbi and Ilana are each other’s Happily Ever After.” Just in time for the return of the new season, The Atlantic’s Megan Garber delves into the complicated, soul-matey bond of Broad City, and how it reflects today’s next level friendships.


READ: Period Pain can Be “Almost as Bad as a Heart Attack.” Why Aren’t We Researching How to Treat It?

Good question Olivia Goldhill!


WATCH: Sweetie Darlings, Here’s the Trailer for Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Yeah, cheers, it’s about time we got a feature-length reunion with Edina and Patsy.


READ: The Digital Dirt

The New Yorker’s TMZ expose is as compelling as the questionable site. But you’ll feel smarter after reading it, instead of the other way around.


READ: Open Letter to a Guy Who Wrote an Open Letter to the Mayor of San Francisco About Homelessness

Let’s hope that tech bro, who believes he shouldn’t have to be confronted with the pain and suffering of homeless people, reads this biting rebuttal at Medium and gains a new perspective on his egregious entitlement.


WATCH: Aidy Bryant’s Short Film Darby Forever

Yes, it costs 99 cents to rent, but it’s the best almost dollar you’ll spend all week! SNL superstar Aidy Bryant wrote and stars in this 20 minute short. Supporting roles from Retta and Natasha Lyonne are icing on this colorful cake.


READ: Raped by the Deputy: A Texas Case, a U.S. Problem

In January, a Texas sheriff’s deputy was charged with sexually assaulting a female inmate. But, as this piece by Abe Louise Young and Katie Matlack at The Establishment shows, it’s only a small step toward justice, when the issue is much more staggering than we know. 


READ: How Being a Woman Can Ding Your Credit Score

We already know having a vagina costs us money. Turns out, it’s costing us good credit, too. This piece by Jonnelle Marte at The Washington Post breaks it down.


LISTEN:  Remembering Anarcha, Lucy, and Betsey: The Mothers of Modern Gynecology 

This week’s episode of NPR podcast Hidden Brain, shines a light on the troubling and racist history of medical experimentation.



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