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Must-Read Links: Our Sloth Spirit Animal, How to Write Your Rapist, + More

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From the hilarious (succulents suck, our love/hate affair with NYC and L.A.) to the horrible (fat-shaming, confronting your rapist) to the downright adorable (hello roadside sloth!), here are this week’s stories that had us hooked.


I Wasted Decades Feeling Fat and Ugly

“Guess what? Thin people get sick and die, too.” At Salon, 73-year-old Erica Manfred reminds us that there’s much more to life than dieting.


Post-blizzard, Sen. Murkowski Notes That Only Women Turned Up to Run the Senate

Is anyone surprised?


Kill Your Succulents

“Some popular varieties include: grandpa dick, bootleg Mickey Mouse, human centipede, and infinitely-spiraling reminder of impending death.” We’ll never look at succulents the same way again after this New York Mag piece by Jamie Lauren Keiles 


N.Y.C. to L.A. to N.Y.C. to L.A., Ad Infinitum

We’ve all been there, but only the New Yorker’s Cirocco Dunlap could put it so eloquently


11-Year-Old ‘Sick of Reading About White Boys and Dogs’ Launches #1000BlackGirlBooks

New Jersey girl Marley Dias is changing the story about reading curriculum.


Cops Rescued This Adorable Sloth and Turned Him Into a Meme About Being Alone

Because we’ve all been this sloth on the side of the road.


When a Country Without Abortion Tells Women to Not Get Pregnant

With “draconian abortion statutes” and limited access to birth control, in the face of the Zika outbreak, what is El Salvador really asking of its women?


How to Write Your Rapist

At Marie Claire, April Wolfe decides to write to her rapist. Then he writes back.


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