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Must-Read Links: Get an Eff Off Fund, the Adam Driver Cat Story, + More

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What a week! From Carly Fiorina’s toddler appropriation to Amy Schumer’s “joke” scandal to the Twitter takedown of a skeevy publicist, we’ve got your powerful women news in a nutshell here. But there was plenty else that caught our eye—a powerful pro-choice video, a crucial account of financial freedom, and an examination of clashing cultures in the realm of gender equality. Oh, and we wouldn’t leave you high and dry without a little hilarity to round it out, courtesy of the sex position du jour, and an update on our favorite Adam Driver–esque, Internet famous cat. Enjoy!


Hide Your Kids From Carly Fiorina: Luring Unsuspecting Tots Into a Lurid Anti-Abortion Rally Is a New Campaign Low

Ambushing a field trip? At Salon, Mary Elizabeth Williams says she would go medieval on anyone who pulled a stunt like that with her kids. And we couldn’t agree more.


A Story of a Fuck Off Fund

Everyone knows a financial safety net can change everything. But reading Paulette Perhach’s piece at the Billfold will make you believe it.


Amy Schumer Says She Will Take a Polygraph to Prove She Didn’t “Steal” Jokes

We’re with A.Schu on this one.


New Draw the Line Campaign

Elizabeth Banks and Retta are just a couple of the awesome actors who tell a real woman’s story about reproductive rights in this new video for Draw the Line.


2016’s Hottest New Sex Position Is the Eiffel 69

Don’t try this at home. Or maybe do? 


How Women on Twitter Brought Down a Music Publicist Accused of Sexual Assault

A Twitter tale of triumph and solidarity. Jezebel breaks down how musicians like Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino and Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman brought some justice to a total creep.


Contemplating My Dowry

Over at Lenny Letter, Stacey Anderson’s tells of navigating her Chinese heritage, and reconciling an antiquated practice that threatens to undermine her autonomy.


I Adopted That Viral Internet Cat Who Looks Like Adam Driver

Yes, we follow the feline Kylo Ren’s Instagram. What, don’t you? 


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