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Must-Read Links: History of Witches, Evil Women + Worrying About Hill

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Ridin’ Dirty: A Sweeping Look at Witches Mounting Their Broomsticks

Happy Halloween!! Why not celebrate by reading Broadly’s infuriating history of witchery, by Nell Frizzell. “It was a question of female agency as much as alchemy. And, as is often the case, women paid the price of punishment.” We’ve got to go see some candy about this.


Another Black Girl Assaulted by White Cop: Do We Matter Yet?

“Even when there is no evidence that this girl was in any way disrupting class, the very suggestion that she could have been a ‘mouthy’ black girl has been enough for some people to ignore their responsibility to her, and others to ask, ‘Well, did she deserve it?’ The answer: Hell no.” In the wake of the horrifying treatment and arrest of a black female South Carolina high school student, we turn to DAME contrib Kirsten West Savali at the Root for her wisdom and to share her outrage.


Female Scientists Asked How They Will Cope Without Men or Makeup in Space

In Russia, six female scientists boarded an experimental ISS-like capsule to study what life might be like for them in space. One small step for women, one giant leap for womankind, right? Wrong. As Danielle Wiener-Bronner writes at Fusion, sexism in science is alive and well.


Guys, I’m Super Worried About Hillary Clinton

“I mean, do you really want a crying werewolf in a pantsuit drinking a glass of chardonnay and screeching, ‘Give me those nuclear codes and a bunch of chocolate, and send in Gary Schlesinger, the junior senator from Wisconsin so I can ride him like a roller coaster!’ We want to shower Wendy Molyneux with all the chardonnay and chocolate for penning this high-larious piece about the possible future Madam President at McSweeney’s.


The Broken Logic of Last Night’s GOP Debate: How Conservative Ideology Just Tore Itself Apart

It’s no secret that Wednesday’s GOP Debate was a total shitshow (more akin to American Horror Story than anything in real life). At Salon, Marcy Wheeler breaks down just how bad things in the Republican party have gotten.


Being a Doctor Who Performs Abortions Means You Always Fear Your Life Is in Danger

Diane J. Horvath-Cosper is an ob/gyn, an abortion provider … and a target of the extreme anti-choice movement. This piece she wrote for The Washington Post is an illuminating reminder that simply performing a legal medical procedure subjects her to a life of constant terror.


Diary of a Sperm Donor

We’re pretty sure writer Mike Albo could make anything hilarious, but he takes sperm donation to the next level of laughs and feels in this excerpt at The Cut from his new book Spermhood: Diary of a Donor


Why Are Old Women Often the Face of Evil in Fairy Tales and Folklore?

Is it a fear of female power? At NPR, Elizabeth Blair takes a fascinating look at one of storytelling’s oldest and most pervasive tropes.


What America’s Immigrants Looked Like When They Arrived on Ellis Island

When Ana Swanson says at The Washington Post that America’s “cultural melting pot” is a phrase that feels like a tired cliché, you’ll agree. Then she’ll blow your mind with this roundup of photos from Ellis Island featuring immigrants in their native dress—clog-wearing Scandinavian children, caped Russian men, and a tattooed German stowaway just to name a few.


Where Are Black Children Safe?

“For black children, for black people, to exist is to be endangered,” writes Roxane Gay in this New York Times op-ed, reminding us that even in this tech-heavy era of watching and being watched systemic racism still goes unchecked.


American Horror Story: The Cecil Hotel

When Elisa Lam, the young female tourist who was found dead in a rooftop water tank in Los Angeles (and subsequently watched by millions in some of the most unsettling elevator surveillance footage the internet has ever seen), it was just the latest in a long line of horrors at The Cecil Hotel, thought to be the inspiration for the bloody Hotel Cortez in this season’s American Horror Story. Josh Dean’s look at the infamous building and the theories swirling around Lam’s death is a spooky and enthralling read.


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