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#AskYourMother If She Had an Abortion. I Did, and Here’s Her Story

Lena Dunham starts the poignant #AskYourMother campaign by asking her own mother, Laurie Simmons, about her pre–Roe V. Wade abortion.


Margaret Thatcher? Ivanka Trump? Ben Carson’s Mom? Silly Answers to the $10 Question Are the Latest in GOP Candidates Not Taking Women Seriously

The GOP candidates ridiculous responses to the $10 bill question reveal a lot more than they’d like, as Mary Elizabeth Williams points out at Salon.


On Donald Trump and Fathers Who Sexualize Their Daughters

When the man who is supposed to be your protector becomes your objectifier, your innocence is undermined; the trust in the relationship can be shattered.” At the Frisky, Tiffanie Drayton writes powerfully about what it means to have a father who finds you sexy.


The Weird, Woolly, and Now Dangerous Fantasy World of Online Misogynists

The MRA movement is more vocal than ever, and its members have no qualms about blasting their threats to writers like Amanda Marcotte, as she writes at Raw Story, on the internet.


Anna March’s Reading Mixtape #1: For White Folks Who Think They Aren’t Racist

Anna March’s new reading column at The Rumpus kicks off with a most necessary list.


Why Our Family Has Always Been Open About Abortion

DAME contrib Robin Marty grabs Dunham’s #AskYourMother baton and talks to NARAL board member Rosalyn Levy Jonas and her daughter Rachel about how they opened the lines of family communication about abortion and how it changed them.


Matt Damon Interrupts Successful Black Woman Filmmaker to Explain Diversity to Her

Seriously Matt Damon?! You’ve got to see the ignorance to believe it.


The Muppets Should Not Be Having Sex, People

At the Cut, Rebecca Traister addresses the breakup we’ve all been talking about … Kermit and Miss Piggy.


I Gave a Speech About Race to the Publishing Industry and No One Heard Me

The crowd at the Publishers Weekly event may not have been listening to The Sleepwalking Guide to Dancing author Mira Jacob when she gave a keynote speech about the systemic racism in the publishing industry. But thanks to her essay about the incident, and the fact of it, at BuzzFeed, they’re listening now.


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