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Best Weekend: Elisabeth Moss in ‘Queen of Earth,’ Kate Harding’s Book, + More

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This weekend we’re going to read the authoritative tome on rape culture, watch Elisabeth Moss have a breakdown, and bid adieu to our current favorite fictional murderer. Don’t ever say we don’t know how to party. 

‘Queen of Earth’ starring Elisabeth Moss

We’ll forever miss Peggy Olson, but thank goodness Elisabeth Moss keeps popping up on the big screen as the current reigning queen of indies. In this new film from writer-director Alex Ross Perry (Listen Up Phillip), she mesmerizingly plays Catherine, on the edge of a breakdown after the death of her painter father and being abandoned by her boyfriend for another woman. But things really get weird when Catherine visits her best friend (or frenemy?) Virginia on a creepy country retreat. 

Beach House—‘Depression Cherry’

Nothing soothes the ears and the soul like a new Beach House album and the Baltimore duo’s latest, Depression Cherry, is nine hazy tracks that transport us to a dream world we never want to wake up from. Victoria Legrand’s lilting vocals, gauzy vintage keyboards, and songs that sweetly soar are just what we need after a rather brutal news week.  

‘Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture—and What We Can Do About It’ by Kate Harding

Even if  Kate Harding  wasn’t one of DAME’s regular “All the Rage” columnists, we would still be giving a copy of Asking for It to everyone we know. Her smart assessment of our current rape culture and the way it affects women is infused with humor (as humorous as rape can be) and intimacy—Harding is a rape survivor herself. Having a voice like hers to break down this terrifying phenomenon gives us hope that it can actually be changed.

‘Hannibal’ Series Finale

After three psychologically eviscerating seasons, Saturday is the night we reluctantly say goodbye to FBI profiler Will Graham, the murderous Dr. Hannibal, and his (also now murderous) therapist Gillian Anderson’s Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. How will NBC’s Hannibal end? We’re dying to know!

Alessia Cara—‘Four Pink Walls’

This Internet sensation wound her way from YouTube to our hearts with the year’s best anti-social anthem “Here,” and solidified our love by crushing her The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearance. Alessia Cara’s new Four Pink Walls EP, a mixture of soul, R&B, and hooky confessional singer-songwriting, proves the 19-year-old’s hype is well deserved. 

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