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Jewish Feminists In Israel Defy Ban, Read From a Full-Size Torah at the Western Wall

Think Progress details a historic act of civil disobedience by WOW (Women of the Wall), a Jewish feminist group, who just want to pray with the same rights as men.


So Far, 2015 Is On Pace to Set Abortion Restriction Records

Truthout details the depressing reality of our over-regulated reproductive system—332 anti-abortion provisions were introduced in 43 states in the first three months of the year—but gives glimmers of hope as well.


102-Year-Old Has Amazing Reaction to Footage of her Young Self

Harlem Renaissance dancer Alice Barker is one of the most moving things you’ll see on the Internet this week.


“What a Horrible Mother:” How a Call From a “Good Samaritan” Derailed These Mothers’ Lives

“We’re raising our kids in a moment when it’s easier to call 911 than to have a conversation,” writes Kim Brooks for Salon, in an essay that looks at the harm our judgmental nature is causing competent parents everywhere. 


Why We Loved Gilbert Blythe

Anyone who grew up watching Anne of Green Gables, wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Jonathan Crombie, the actor who played Anne’s love interest Gilbert Blythe. In the New Yorker, Sarah Lawson nails why he captured so many tween hearts.


“I Regret Everything”: Toni Morrison Looks Back On Her Life

The acclaimed author has a new book, God Help the Child, and sat down with Fresh Air’s Terry Gross at NPR, to talk about what happens when you’ve lived 84 years of life.


No One Showed Up to March for Rekia Boyd Last Night

Many are fighting to show that Black lives matter, but what about Black female lives? The pictures on The Culture of a modest gathering protesting the police killing of a young black woman show a discouraging discrepancy.


How to Tell If You Are in a Shirley Jackson Story

A stranger says something unremarkable yet sinister to you on a train while you eat your lunch of bread and butter.” And that’s just one of Mallory Ortberg’s hilariously spot-on ways to tell over at The Toast.


About That Amy Pascal Shopping List

At the Cut, Jessica Roy takes a closer look at the girl-on-girl crime that is Jezebel’s dissection of the fallen Sony executive’s personal Amazon order, Betty Beauty Color be damned.


Wellness Guru’ Belle Gibson Lied About Having Brain Cancer, Profited From Lying About Bogus Cancer Cures

Cancer patient and BoingBoing co-founder Xeni Jardin puts all of us on the hook for promoting the “cancer hero mythos” in the wake of Gibson’s horrific act of coming clean.


3 “Inside Amy Schumer” Writers Explain the Show’s Feminist Thinking

Amy Schumer is a national treasure, as this week’s season 3 premiere of her Comedy Central show proved, and Ester Zuckerman gives us a peek into the writers’ genius with this Q&A at Cosmopolitan.com.


Of 800 Main Cast Members on 100 Network TV Shows, Just 52 (6%) Are of Asian Descent

Just think how dismal that percentage would be without Fresh Off the Boat!


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