Must-Read Links: Angry Women, Birth Control for Teen Girls, + Woody Allen

The most compelling stories from our favorite sources.

What Happens When You Give Teenage Girls Free IUDs?

Well, a huge drop in pregnancy rate, for one. Adele Oliveira examines the taboo teen birth control with this in-depth piece on Jezebel.


How to Talk to Your New Girlfriend About Your Ex

A hilarious and legit guide by DAME contrib Alana Massey for Deadspin’s new self-improvement blog. Send to all your male friends.


Why All These Angry Women

Megan Carpentier nails the “state of relations between women and men today” for the new issue of Esquire. And now we want a switchblade and a pair of leather pants.


“Woody Allen Is a Genius. Woody Allen Is a Predator”: Why Mariel Hemingway’s New Revelation Matters.

If you weren’t convinced that Woody Allen should not be tolerated, no matter how influential is his art, Erin Keane’s essay in Salon will likely change your mind.


Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery

It’s not often that celebrities are open about health issues. And that Angelina treats hers as a PSA for women, like with this piece in the New York Times, is even more commendable.


Free Speech Outside the Abortion Clinic

Diana Pearl takes a fascinating, and at times infuriating, look at the world of anti-choice protestors for The Atlantic.


Three Months Without Breathing

Kristen Hanley Cardozo’s beautiful and harrowing account of mysterious illness that left her literally speechless on Medium’s Archipelago.


Deadline Says There Are Not Enough Roles on TV for White People. Poor White People.

We couldn’t abide Nellie Andreeva’s Deadline article about TV’s increased ethnic casting. Luckily, neither could Slate staffer Aisha Harris.


The Biggest Threat to Feminism? It’s Not Just the Patriarchy.

Finn McKay’s piece in the Guardian looks at the hidden dangers acting against feminism, and the deceptive power of being able to choose, especially if it’s only your makeup. 


Mo’Ne Davis Forgives Her Twitter Troll. Sweet, But That Wouldn’t Be My Daughter.

My Brown Baby’s Denene Millner is unabashed in her love for Davis. Which is why she was heartbroken when the 13-year-old Little League star publicly absolved college baseball player for tweeting that she’s a “slut.” Taking a cue from her tween daughter, the writer schools Davis (and us) about why her actions speak far louder than his hateful words. Mic drop.


Michelle Obama, Race, and the Ivy League

Former Washington Post correspondent Peter Slevin reveals in this riveting Politico excerpt from his new biography of FLOTUS, that as a college student, Michelle Obama was challenging—and continually challenged by—the endemic racism and sexism at two of the nation’s most prized Ivys. 


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