Must-Read Links: Ashley Judd’s Troll Takedown, Jane Goodall, + More

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Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart

A riveting account of Jane Goodall’s life by Paul Tullis for NYT Magazine, and the impact of her work, 50 years after her first trip to Africa.


I Went to Five Different Starbucks to See Who Would Talk to Me About Race

Starbucks wants its baristas to talk about race. Beejoli Shaw puts their #RaceTogether campaign to the test in this funny piece for The Frisky.


When Men Want Kids and Women Aren’t So Sure

Differing opinions about having kids is a relationship tale as old as time, except now the tables are turned, as Bryce Covert’s piece for New York Magazine explores.


Why Can’t We Stop Watching Empire?

Why can’t we stop watching Empire? Jenna Wortham rounds up smart folks—like Feministing.com’s Lori Adelman—to discuss it for the NYT Magazine.


Steubenville, Two Years Later

At Refinery29, Tracy Clark-Flory delves into the high school rape story that horrified the country, and looks at what’s changed—and what hasn’t—since the perpetrators convictions almost two years ago.


Beneath the Clinic Wars, the Hidden History of Miscarriages

This illustrated account of miscarriage, and the women who’ve experienced it, by Ryan Alexander-Tanner for Talking Points Memo, is a powerful step toward a conversation we should all be having. 


Unmasking Fake Clinics

NARAL Pro-Choice California’s investigative report into the state’s pregnancy crisis centers reads more like a horror story.


Forget Your Team: Your Online Violence Toward Girls and Women Is What Can Kiss My Ass

Ashley Judd brilliantly takes down misogynist Twitter trolls, and openly discusses her sexual assault recovery, in this rally cry of an Op-Ed for mic.com.


Ways In Which I Believe My Life Will Resemble a Nancy Meyers Film Now That I Am a Homeowner

The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg is a national treasure, and this piece is Exhibit A in our argument.


Her Jesus Doesn’t Love Me: On Finding Closure With My Mom

Michael Arceneaux’s account of being a gay Black man and learning to live with his mother’s disapproval is a study in compassion, and compromise.


A Violent Incident Exposes Deep-Seated Racial Tension at the University of Virginia

The beating of UVA student Martese Johnson by local police is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the school’s racial tensions. Alice Ollstein & Carimah Townes take a closer look at Think Progress.


Monica Lewinsky Is Back, but This Time It’s on Her Terms

The NY Times‘ Jessica Bennett shadowed the shadowed the former White House intern over the past month, leading up to the TED Talk she gave that broke her public silence. And she did it to raise awareness of hate speech and abuse on the Internet, telling the tale of her own public crucifixion. It was the redemption moment we’ve been waiting for. Here’s hoping she and Ashley Judd team up.


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