Must Read Links: Rose McGowan’s Revolution, Ferguson’s Anniversary, + More

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The Girls Who Weren’t Saved: Haunted by the 40-Year-Old Lyon Sisters Kidnapping, a Writer Wonders Why the Biggest Clue Went Unexamined

“There are so many ways we dismiss the truths women and girls tell us, so many times we look the other way rather than confront their truths.” Anna March’s moving piece at Salon intertwines her own history of abuse with the botched case that could’ve saved the Lyon sisters if only police had listened to the girl who fingered their abductor.  


The Big Secret of Abortion: Women Already Know How It Works

Rebecca Traister’s piece at the Cut drops the mic on those abominable anti–Planned Parenthood videos, and clueless abortion opponents who think they can school women about what goes on in our bodies.


Let’s Expose the Gender Pay Gap

In light of the attention given the CEO wage gap by the SEC last week, at the New York Times, Joanne Lipman calls for companies to disclose their gender wage gap, and makes the argument for why revealing this info could instigate real change.


“Things Will Never Be the Same”: The Oral History of a New Civil Rights Movement 

Compiled by Megan Carpentier at the Guardian, activists, organizers, and Ferguson residents give moving first-person accounts of the terror, pain, and bravery in the days following Michael Brown’s murder, as a movement is born.


What I Want My Daughter to Know About Aging

At Role Reboot, Amy Monticello faces her gray hair, and, by extension, death, poetically contemplating the way women are expected to age through the lens of what she’s passing on to her daughter.


Meditation Vs. Medication: A Comic Essay on Facing Depression

Deanna Zandt’s account at Fusion of her depression and her conflicted feelings about treating it would be a fascinating read even without her amazing illustrations (including the cutest little rendering of her most relentless demon).


Just What Do Girls Get Out of Gaming?

Diana-Ashley Krach makes us believe in the empowerment of Mario Kart with this piece in Playboy.


Rose McGowan Is Starting a Revolution

The actress has become Hollywood’s most foul-mouthed whistle blower on the industry’s sexist bullshit. And Kate Aurthur’s BuzzFeed profile makes us love her for it even more.


Women Are Live-Tweeting Their Periods at Donald Trump

We can only hope this will happen as long as this garbage person keeps talking.


Cops Ignore Me Because I Have Light Skin. That Just Reaffirms Their Racism

“You think I am one of the good ones. You are wrong. You have failed; you are shooting the wrong ones.” DAME contrib Linda Chavers penned this fiery piece in the Guardian, a look at the other side of the police force’s abhorrent racism.


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