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Must-Read Links: Lindy West’s Wedding, Driving While Black, + More

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My Wedding was Perfect—and I was Fat as Hell the Whole Time

“The older I get and the longer I live in a fat body, the harder it is to depoliticize even simple acts.” All hail Lindy West, whose piece in The Guardian about the joy of her wedding day will fill you with feels.


How I Learned to Love Condoms

Meaghan O’Connell’s hilarious take on sex, motherhood, and birth control at The Cut will probably have you appreciating prophylactics too.


The Many Manipulations of the Planned Parenthood Attack Videos

At the New Republic, Jen Gunther, an OB/GYN, helps set the record straight about those abhorrent “undercover” Planned Parenthood videos, and how eschewing accurate medical terms makes them all the more manipulative.


If You Don’t Click on this Post You Are a Loser and a Moron

Four words: Donald Trump Insult Generator (via Mother Jones)


A Midlife Crisis, By Any Other Name

Midlife crises are mostly the realms of men, but what do we call it when a woman realizes she’s spent half her life living up to other people’s expectations? DAME contrib Jess Zimmerman goes deep on this idea on Hazlitt, being brutally honest about her own “crisis,” and the new version of adulthood she’s gained.


#SandySpeaks: ‘I’m Here to Change History’

“Through her arrest and subsequent death, Sandra Bland has emerged as a martyr, illuminating police violence against black women in a way that is finally resonating across the country.” DAME contrib Kirsten West Savali helps give Bland a voice in this moving piece at The Root about the wrongfully arrested 28-year-old Black woman who allegedly committed suicide in police custody.


Today I Got Pulled Over for Driving While Black

“I got out alive and unharmed. My brothers got out alive and unharmed. The best we could hope for in that situation.” Ijeoma Oluo’s account of being pulled over by a cop is a haunting and urgent reminder of the fear Black women and men face, even, especially, during a routine traffic stop.


Men Who Harass Women Online Are Quite Literally Losers, New Study Finds

At the Washington Post, Caitlyn Dewey looks at how far the results of a new study—which found that less-skilled, poorly performing male gamers are more disparaging of women than their more skilled counterparts—can be applied beyond Halo 3, and confirms what most of us know…that Reddit, 4Chan, and other dark recesses of the Internet are not safe for women. 


In Trainwreck, Amy Schumer Calls Bullshit on Postfeminism

At Buzzfeed, Helen Anne Peterson parses the smartly critical way Amy Schumer lampoons our “postfeminist” world in Trainwreck, where ridiculous, subversive misogyny is “funny, of course, because it’s too fucking real.”


How ‘Privilege’ Became a Provocation

“It makes sense that we’re fixated on the word ‘privilege’ now: There has never been more ample or graphic evidence of its material and psychological benefits.”

In the New York Times Magazine, Parul Sehgal dissects this loaded word, and how its use has changed, while we haven’t.


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