Must-Read Links: Gay Marriage, the Plight of Incarcerated Mothers, + More

The most compelling stories from our favorite sources.

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide

An historic decision that’s been a long time coming.


You’re Not Off the Hook: The White Myth of Black Forgiveness

“The way the media handles forgiveness is like it’s something that washes the stain away, wipes it clean. That is the OPPOSITE of reconciliation in this country.” The Toast’s Mallory Ortberg’s chat with writer Carvel Wallace about forgiveness in the wake of the Charleston shooting is full of truth bombs, and, somehow, hilarity.


I’m a Female Scientist and I Agree with Tim Hunt

Remember Nobel Prize winner Sir Tim Hunt’s assertion that female scientists are nothing but a distraction in the lab? THIS, by geography Ph.D student Allie Rubin, is the most genius response. 


Let’s Stop Calling Weight Loss a “Journey”

Over at Refinery29, DAME contrib Kate Harding penned this crucial piece about body acceptance and the way we think about weight loss. “To me, a journey should involve some actual traveling, and ideally, more personal growth than erasure,” she writes, and we couldn’t agree more.


When an Apology Is Anything But

Sloane Crosley takes on the phenomenon of over-apologizing, with a smart missive for women in the New York Times about what we should really be saying.


Prison Born

It’s estimated that one in 25 women are pregnant when they’re incarcerated. This in-depth piece by Sarah Yager at The Atlantic looks at what happens to those babies, and what we should be doing to help those mothers.


All My Cats Are Dead

For the first time in 20 years, writer Mikki Halpin doesn’t have a cat. And she’s not going to get another one. A must-read at The Awl for anyone who knows the unconditional love for a pet, or the heartbreak of their death.


The Truth About TV’s Rape Obsession: How We Struggle with the Broken Myths of Masculinity, On Screen and Off

From Downton Abbey to Game of Thrones, rape, as Sonia Saraiya purports in this piece at Salon, is pretty much “de rigueur” for today’s television. But why?


All Abortions Should Be Safe and Easy, Including the Ones Women Have at Home

As access to abortion wanes, more women are opting for home abortions. And as Jessica Valenti writes at The Guardian, it’s just as important that those procedures are safe as well.


A Kindergarten Form Asks: Vaginal Birth, or C-Section. Why?

At the New York Times’ Motherlode, Cara Paiuk gets rightfully indignant about a ridiculous question on her son’s Kindergarten application.


Works In Progress

In T Magazine, Phoebe Hoban presents a collection of female artists in their 70s, 80s, and 90s, who we should’ve been appreciating for decades. Better late than never. 


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