Must-Reads: What Hillary’s Race Means + Telling the World You Have Herpes

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The Hidden Cost of Mammograms: More Testing and Overtreatment

Mammograms can be great for early breast cancer detection. But as this story on NPR explains, they have numerous drawbacks too, in fact $4 billion dollars’ worth annually. 


The Lack of Female Genitals on Statues Seems Thoughtless Until You See It Repeated

Have you ever seen a Greek statue’s vagina? Neither has Syreeta McFadden and the reason behind its elusiveness, as she writes for the Guardian, sucks.


Screw Leaning In. It’s Time to Slam the Door In Silicon Valley’s Face

Is applying political activism to tech’s sexism the only way to affect change? Jess Zimmerman’s piece for the Guardian makes us think it’s definitely worth trying.


The Long Pointy History Behind Hillary’s Brilliant Logo

Hillary’s logo is just one more aesthetic element the new presidential candidate is being judged on. But Alissa Walker’s breakdown of the infamous H for Gizmodo reveals its genius.


Dead Girls, Killer Ratings: “Game of Thrones,” “True Detective,” and TV’s Epidemic of Violence Against Women

What we watch on TV matters, says Anna March in Salon, especially when every show depicts violence against women. How does that affect us when the screen goes dark?


Why I Love Telling People I Have Herpes

“My logic was that every time I told someone, ‘I have herpes,’ the words would get easier to say,” writes Ella Dawson in Women’s Health, and the good news is, she’s right.


My Silent Home in the World

As the child of deaf parents, writer Lilit Marcus grew up talking with her hands. A skill that’s made her friends around the world, as she recounts in this poignant essay for Jezebel.


Hillary for President: No Joke

Hillary’s campaign is a loaded one. The New Yorker’s Rebecca Mead breaks down just how loaded.


A Miscarrying Woman Was Denied Medication Because of “Conscience”

The line between miscarriage and abortion gets even murkier, and maddening, as Slate’s Amanda Marcotte recounts a woman’s frustrating experience trying to obtain misoprostol.


Image via The New Yorker


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