Georgia Congressman Jody Hice


Photo by Georgia Congressman Jody Hice

5 of the Craziest Candidates We Elected This Week

These midterms were a doozy. And we’ll be paying for them for years to come.

An NRA-endorsed teenager and a former Navy pastor who believes gay people want your soul aren’t the only two eyebrow-raising nutjobs, er, candidates we voted into office this week. Read on if you dare.


1. Georgia’s new congressman Jody Hice thinks abortion is “worse than Hitler” and that women should only run for office if they have their husband’s blessing.


2. Glenn Grothman, a newly elected congressman from central Wisconsin, said Kwanzaa should be treated with “contempt” and has called for the elimination of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which he says is an “insult.” 


3. A white nationalist radio program was a stop on Michael Peroutka’s campaign. Not surprising since the creationist also supports the secession of the South so that they can impose biblical laws. He was elected to County Council in Anne Arundel, Maryland. 


4. Despite a 20-count federal indictment against him, Michael Grimm was reelected to Congress by residents of Staten Island. They apparently don’t care about his anger issues either (he once told a reporter that he’d “break” him “in half”).  


5. Joni Ernst has backed “personhood” bills, thinks “dictator” Obama should be impeached, and supports abolishing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education. But she’s now an Iowa senator heading to Washington and she’s “gonna make ’em squeal.” Good job America! 


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