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Link Love: Melissa McCarthy Syncs, Samantha Bee’s Feminism, + More

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In a week that left us still mourning architect Zaha Hadid (fittingly memorialized in the The New Yorker), facepalming Donald Trump’s most recently unearthed sexist blather (thanks Daily Show), and fearing more than ever for our reproductive rights (the Rolling Stone piece will make you rage), we thankfully had the inspiring tale of a nine-year-old reporter, Melissa McCarthy lip syncing her heart out, non-breeder Joy Bryant shutting down haters, and Samantha Bee being her super awesome self on NPR’s “Fresh Air.” We’ll chalk this one up to a win.


READ: Yes, I’m a Nine-Year-Old Girl. But I’m Still a Serious Reporter

Hilde Kate Lysiak, the young Pennsylvania journalist who caught flak for reporting on a neighborhood murder, is our new hero. And that was before she penned this searing essay for the Guardian about the sexist backlash she received.


READ: Why Women Should Vote for Women

Nancy L. Cohen pulls not punches in this Op-Ed for the Los Angeles Times:

“The most compelling reason women should vote for Hillary Clinton? Pure self-interest.”


WATCH: Donald Trump Is so Sexist He Even Objectified His One-Year-Old Daughter

Just when you think it can’t get much worse, The Daily Show comes through with some seriously disturbing footage.


READ: The War on Planned Parenthood

We all know our reproductive rights are being chipped away. But to see the Republican Party’s cause and effect all laid out by Alex Morris in this Rolling Stone story is truly chilling.


READ: Zaha Hadid was Just Getting Started

A fitting homage to the groundbreaking architect we lost last week, by The New Yorker’s Thomas de Monchaux.


READ: Stop Telling Me I Should Have Kids

Any woman of childbearing age can relate to actress Joy Bryant’s essay at Lenny. Especially those of us who’ve decided to forgo procreation. Her response to the people who tell her motherhood is so much fun? “Fucking liars. Next.” LOL.


WATCH: Melissa McCarthy Crushes Lip Sync Battle on Jimmy Fallon

Just when you think it can’t get much worse, Melissa McCarthy swoops in to make everything better with a ridiculous, Fallon-crushing rendition of the Pocahontas tune “Colors of the Wind.”


LISTEN: Samantha Bee on Full Frontal, Feminism, and the Freedom of her 40s

Samantha Bee on Fresh Air will give meaning to life during your morning commute.


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