Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz


Photo by Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz

Must-Read Links: Planned Parenthood “Whores,” Gloria Steinem + More

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Regional Planned Parenthood CEO: Protestors Have Started Calling Me a “Whore”

“’Baby-killer’ is one thing, ‘whore’ is something different entirely. I just think it’s further evidence that this is all about women’s empowerment.” Regional Planned Parenthood CEO Sarah Stoesz breaks down the evolution of anti-abortion activists in this eye-opening piece DAME columnist Robin Marty penned for Cosmopolitan.


Sarah Silverman Opens Up About Her Battle with Depression and Her Gutsiest Career Move Yet

In Sarah Silverman’s upcoming movie I Smile Back, she plays a mom suffering from acute depression. Which, as it turns out, the comedian is all-too familiar with, as she recounts with candor and poignancy in this this first-person piece for Glamour.


Road Warrior

At the New Yorker, Jane Kramer profiles feminist goddess Gloria Steinem, who’s been fighting for women for more than 50(!) years.


The First Legal Abortion Providers Tell Their Stories

As we face the increasing (and increasingly dangerous) hysteria of abortion opponents, reading the first-person stories of some of the country’s earliest legal abortion providers (some whom risked their lives performing the procedure pre-Roe) in New York mag is all the more meaningful.


Adults Hate ‘Yes Means Yes’ Laws. The College Students I Meet Love Them

At the Washington Post, DAME contrib Jaclyn Friedman explains why grownups should put the kibosh on their scaremongering about college consent regulations—turns out students are all for it.


Abortion Tweet Theater

Margaret Cho, Martha Plimpton, DAME contrib Kirsten West Savali, and Lindy West are just a few of the women who make hilarious and bold appearances in this vid from A Is For and #ShoutYourAbortion, in a feminist twist on Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets segment.


Hayden Panettiere Is a Real-Life ‘Hero’ For Her Openness About Postpartum Depression

About 1 in 10 women suffer from postpartum depression, so as Tara Haelle writes at Forbes, it’s a huge step for Nashville star Hayden Panettiere to talk so openly about going into treatment her own.


Women Who Show Anger Are Taken Less Seriously 

A new study, covered by Melissa Dahl at New York mag, reveals that “men earn respect when expressing anger, whereas women lose respect when doing the same thing.” We’re totally pissed that we’re not surprised by this.


Yes, Hillary Clinton Won the Debate …

Michelle Goldberg’s debate analysis at Slate reinforces the belief that Hillary won. But she asserts that Bernie Sanders set the terms and that’s good for those wanting a more progressive government, no matter which candidate you support.


The Real Reason Hillary Clinton Won the Debate: No One Else Was On Her Level 

At Salon, Simon Maloy also parsed the Dem debate: Hillary gave a solid performance, but, he says, it was the weak stance of (most of) her competition that truly scored her victory.


Cliff-Hanger: Can ‘The Cosby Show’ Survive? Should It?

Oooh boy, after reading this excerpt from November’s issue of Ebony by Goldie Taylor, in which she “explores the intensely complicated relationship between the fallen icon, his most beloved character, and the broken hearts of Black America,” we can’t wait to read the rest.


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