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Must-Read Links: Food Babe Blogger is B.S., Sarah Silverman on Equal Pay

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The “Food Babe” Blogger Is Full of Shit

Analytical chemist Yvette d’Entremont takes down organic, non-GMO lifestyle peddler, Vani Hari, the Food Babe, with science and gems like this: “You’re constantly ‘detoxing’ just by living. Your kidneys and liver take care of cleaning out unnecessary things in the body fairly efficiently on their own. Proof? The toilet paper industry.”


Transgender Woman Cites Attack and Abuse in Men’s Prison

After transgender woman Ashley Diamond went to prison, she was denied access to hormone therapy, faced rape, abuse, and ridicule, and, above all, lost her identity. But her law suit against Georgia Corrections officials, could set a precedent for incarcerated transgendered women everywhere—if she can remain safe long enough to see it through.


Sarah Silverman Made 83% Less Than Her Male Colleague, If Fighting Back in the Best Way

April 14 is National Equal Pay Day and Sarah Silverman has something to say about it. Mainly, ask for more.


To the Doctor Who Reported Me to Child Protective Services

Melissa Duclos’s essay, published by our favorite new lit mag The Offing, about her experience with Child Protective Services after her son was burned in an accident, is sweet, frustrating, and downright terrifying.


I Make the Money, He Takes Care of the Kid: How Non-Traditional Gender Roles Work for Us

As Amy Monticello writes for Role/Reboot, it’s time we changed our ideas about working parents, mothers in particular. A forthcoming study could help.


At 92, Liz Smith Reveals How Rupert Murdoch Fired Her, What It Felt Like to Be Outed

Gossip columnist Liz Smith is nothing short of a freewheeling firecracker, as this interview in The Hollywood Reporter by Maer Roshan proves. And thankfully, gossip is still her forte.


Do You Really Have to Give Your Kids “Everything”?

Choosing to be childfree is a hot topic these days, thanks in part to the new book edited by Meghan Daum. But as Erica Schwiegershausen puts forth in The Cut, are we doing parenthood, and by extension women, a disservice by proliferating the view that it’s an all-encompassing endeavor?


I’ve Been Fat. I’ve Been Thin. I’ve Been In Between. Here’s Why It Really Doesn’t Matter.

“I’d bought into the notion that my intelligence, talent, self-esteem, and sexuality all hinged on the size of my thighs and my waist measurement,” writes Harriet Brown at Prevention, parroting the notion so many of battle every day. And we can all learn from someone who’s won that war.


Black Death as Reality TV: Is Watching the Videos Too Much?

At The Root, DAME contrib Kirsten West Savali faces the uncomfortable notion of our complicity in the dehumanizing of Black lives as we watch so many Black men being murdered by police on-camera. Her questioning is painful, her insight powerful.


Nora Dunn: “SNL Is a Traumatic Experience. It’s Something You Have to Survive”

DAME’s very own executive editor Kera Bolonik chatted with SNL alum Nora Dunn for Salon, kicking off a series of interviews celebrating the sketch show’s 40th anniversary. We couldn’t have been happier that she started with one of the Sweeney sisters, who candidly talked about the good, the bad, and the scandalous.


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