Link Roundup: This Week’s Must-Reads…Jessica Williams, “Whitesplaining,” + More

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The Punisher: Jeb Bush and the Schiavos by Amy Davidson

The New Yorker’s Amy Davidson helps build a case against likely GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, with this damning reminder of his time as governor of Florida, and his abuse of power as he pushed to keep a braindead woman, Terry Schiavo, physically alive against her caretaking husband’s wishes.


How Joan Rivers Got That Way by Emily Nussbaum

Emily Nussbaum’s take on Joan Rivers for The New Yorker reminds us how radical her career was, and perfectly encapsulates the complicated way so many of us enjoyed her work.


Stop it with the Feminist Whitesplaining by Latoya Peterson

Latoya Peterson takes on the whitesplaining that feminists of color, most recently The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, have to deal in another on-point bit of brilliance from Fusion.  


My Own Life by Oliver Sacks

A beautiful and moving New York Times essay about facing terminal cancer by the neurologist and author. This is a tough one.


Life Writing by Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith’s case for not keeping a diary on Rookie, is an excellent read at any age, especially for those of us with a similar aversion to journaling.


Meet Tink, a New Voice for Proudly Imperfect Women by Jenna Wortham

You’re gonna want to know everything about this 19-year-old feminist rapper and New York Times’ writer Jenna Wortham’s Fader cover story is a good place to start.


Why Is Bearing Children Seen as More Important Than Surviving Pregnancy? by Jessica Valenti

The Guardian’s Jessica Valenti examines the unsettling zeal anti-choice advocates are taking in the deadly sacrifices mothers make for their unborn children.


The Radical Queerness of Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber by Shauna Miller

We already adore SNL’s Kate McKinnon. This piece in The Atlantic about how she’s brought the lesbian tradition of drag kinging to mainstream television, just makes us appreciate her genius even more.  


The ‘Black, Queer, Feminist’ Legal Trailblazer You’ve Never Heard Of by Kenya Downs

You might not know her name, but Dr. Pauli Murray’s work during the civil rights movement was crucial and her fight for gender equality included an argument that inspired one of the Notorious R.B.G.’s landmark briefs. After reading NPR’s highlights of Dr. Pauli Murray’s life (and the Salon article it sources), you’ll want to shout this forgotten activist’s name from the rooftops.


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