What If There Was a White Man March—And No One Showed Up?

A small handful of irate Aryan men rallied against diversity this past Saturday. And they’re planning on doing it again.

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This past Saturday, in cities around the country, angry white men let their hate flag fly, taking to the streets for The White Man March, waving signs reading Diversity = White Genocide, White Pride, and Get Off My Lawn!

Maybe you didn’t see them—only ten men showed up for the march in Cincinnati; six “Diversity=White Genocide” banners were taken down by police in Birmingham, Alabama, and the marchers in Knoxville, Tennessee, became something of a tourist attraction. Still, these pissed-off-looking white dudes have a march planned for next month, and the month after, for the rest of the year, to bitch about the blacks and Jews and the liberal commie pinkos in New England, Georgia, California, Washington State, and Idaho.

The organizer of the White Man March is 30-year-old Kyle Hunt, a.k.a. “Kaiser Kyle,” an Amherst grad with a double major in psychology and theater/dance, and no doubt skilled in the dark art of puppetry. Despite his liberal arts education, Hunt has had it up to here with the culture’s changing attitudes toward minorities, and subsequent move to create more diversity in schools and the workplace (not to mention the fact that the President of the United States is a black man). Such action has left him and his white-supremacist cohorts feeling “mocked, displaced, and violently attacked.”

Understand these “pro-white activists” don’t want to give the impression that they hate non-whites exactly—or they’re not wearing that message on their white-sheeted sleeves. And they really don’t want to mix it up with “anti-fascist” supporters or the cops or the media, which might make the organization look like, well, a bunch of hate-drunk racists. Indeed, the organizers of the White Man March encouraged supporters to leave behind their Klan robes, Grand Wizard outfits, and “paramilitary uniforms,” including their casual Fridays brown shirts.

Hunt suggests, “If you are a man, put on a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt. It should almost look like you are a groomsman at a wedding. Or maybe like an avenging Aryan angel. Women, you know how to look great in white.”

(I like that nod to the ladies. Hey Aryan girl, you know you look smoking hot when you dress in shades of cloud.)

He continues, “You could also wear sunglasses. Ancient warriors knew that a mask covering the eyes offers protection, but also provides the wearer with extra confidence. Sunglasses can intimidate others who cannot see your eyes, while making you seem cool and collected. This look is good if there might be hostile crowds.”

In other words, dress a like conservative radio talk-show host who goes by one name. Hunt hosts an online radio show on Renegade Broadcasting. Topic No. 1: the destruction of the white race. Honky Über Alles.

Really though, what it seems these pro-white fascists want to do with their “White Man Marches” is assemble, whip out their banners, pose, snap some shots, then get out fast before anyone notices, and race back to their parents’ basement and post them online. Which, given the reach of the Internet is far more dangerous. “If there aren’t any opposition forces there, we’ll be the ones with all of the media,” Hunt says. “And we’ll select out the pieces of media that make us look the best.” Although there’s nothing like the thrill of boots-on-the-ground activism.

It isn’t like Hunt and his haters want to wipe non-whites off the map. No, not at all: They 100 percent support other races—just so long as they never emigrate or leave their countries even on holiday. The anti-diversity agenda Hunt says he’s preaching is aimed at white countries, and only white countries.

White supremacists like Hunt argue that diversity programs “ensure that there are less white people at schools and in the work force, which is unfair and discriminatory, taking away money and opportunities from the White citizens.”

So black people, thanks to their sheer number—or maybe it’s our open border, or maybe it’s their brains—are keeping white people from getting educated, getting a job, and finding true happiness. Wow, who knew?

White people, this is the risk you take when you forcibly remove a people from their homeland, enslave them, and make them build up your nation. They will, despite your brutal systemic discrimination, get comfortable.

As for the claim that this land is our land because we got here first well, the Native Americans might have something to say about that.

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