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Best of 2019

Your Favorite DAME Stories of 2019

From investigative journalism to incendiary cultural critiques, you've got great taste! Here are the 19 most-read stories of the year.

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2019 was a brutal year for the free press, with more than 1,000 local journalists losing their jobs, and dozens of media outlets closing for good. That’s why it’s critical that we all take on the responsibility of investing in journalism—and holding media accountable. If you need a resolution for 2020, this is it.

Looking back at our most-read stories of 2019, it’s clear what readers want: In-depth reporting about critical issues like women’s access to healthcare and the policy that defines our lives, as well as unique perspectives on everything from the 2020 presidential election to pop culture. We’re dedicated to producing this kind of journalism. And we’d like to thank every one of our readers and members for making our work possible. Now enjoy DAME’s 19 top stories of 2019.

1. Keanu Is Lucky AF to Be Dating Alexandra Grant
Look, we’re not typically invested in covering the love lives of celebrities, but this is Keanu Reeves we’re talking about—and his age-appropriate girlfriend is actually the catch.

2. Let’s Stop Coddling White Teenage Boys
Why are we so quick to defend and protect white, male youth when they make mistakes—or much worse? If this pattern doesn’t stop we’re going to become a nation of pricks.

3. We’ve Learned Nothing From Election 2016
Except that the media consistently erases women from all conversations, especially when they are vying for the same job as white men.

4. Middle Aged Women and the Men Who DisdainThem

Like we give AF.

5. We Need to Rethink the Way We Talk About Women In Politics
Male politicians are always cast as the great, white hope (literally). But it’s women leaders who we need most.

6. The GOP’s Sexualized Assault of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
She’s smart, she’s blunt, and she’s unwavering on her political convictions. So of course, the old guys in Congress don’t know how to react to AOC other than to reduce her to nothing more than a female body.

7. I Finally Found a Name for My Father’s Abuse
In this deeply personal essay, Mia Brett explores her own history with domestic violence, and uncovers warning signs so often overlooked.

8. The Abortion Bans Aren’t Just About Repealing Roe v. Wade
Ringing the bell she’s built her career on, Robin Marty warns that every slick move by the GOP to restrict abortion access is all in service to the same endgame: Overturning Roe and eliminating abortion access entirely.

9. What You Don’t Know About Michael Jackson’s Alleged Victims
A sexual abuse survivor shares her own painful story and reminds us of the dangers of casting doubt on children who call out their abusers.

10. The Predators of Instagram
Reporter Sam Braslow spent months tracking down some of the slickest scam artists on the platform who share the same goal: to exploit and abuse women.

11. I Lost My Beloved Dog. Can I Ever Love Again?
Laura Bogart’s lovely essay about her cherished pet is a tearjerker for sure—but there’s a happy ending!

12. The Whitewashing of Kamala Harris
The misogynoir of the mainstream media doomed the senator’s presidential campaign from the start.

13. It’s OK to Question White Evangelicals Adopting Black Kids
Dr. Stacey Patton unpacks the complicated layers of transracial adoption.

14. Why Are So Many Women Rejecting Medical Science?
Women are so frequently misdiagnosed, mistreated, and all-but erased from medical studies. So they’re not just moving away from science-based healthcare, they’re being pushed out.

15. The Paradox of No-Kill Animal Welfare Policies
Julián Castro was the first presidential candidate to raise the issue, but propose one this election season, but no one has come close to effectively tackling the nuanced problem.

16. The Irony of the TERF War Over “Feminine” Products
Transphobic “TERFs” are always looking for a fight. And this one’s just bizarre.

17. What Is Causing Some Women to Kill Their Newborns?
Miranda Culp investigates this truly horrifying phenomenon and sheds light on the trauma-based denial that leads some mothers to do the unthinkable.

18. The Real Purpose of Secret Hillary Facebook Groups
What began as private sanctuaries evolved into an activist movement.

19. Will This California Law End Freelance Work?
Independent contractors everywhere are now at risk of losing their livelihoods.

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