A photo of Hillary Clinton speaking at a podium.

Via Hillary Clinton Facebook

2016 election

Via Hillary Clinton Facebook

Hillary Clinton Warned Us About Donald Trump Emboldening Hate Groups

Three million more of us heard her loud and clear

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Bigotry was a feature, not a bug, of Trump’s campaign for President. And it followed into every corner of the Trump administration, from the notoriously racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the Commander-in-Chief himself (look no further than his horrendous remarks on Charlottesville).

While some are now musing about who could have foreseen this dumpster fire of a presidency…


…the rest of us have at least one obvious answer: Hillary Clinton.


As former HFA campaign staffer Emmy Bengtson wrote on Twitter, “We would much, much rather be wrong”, and that’s what makes our current reality so gut-wrenching: The warnings were as clear as day, but largely ridiculed or ignored by a mostly-white mainstream media.



And the former Secretary of State’s Twitter feed from 2016 reads like a window into the 2017 future. In June, 2016, Clinton called out his attacks on Judge Curiel.




In August 2016, Clinton dedicated a speech in Reno, Nevada to Trump legitimizing hate groups.





In September 2016, Clinton reminded us of Trump’s role in birtherism and how his campaign worked to normalize white supremacists.




The list goes on. We can’t change the results of the 2016 election, but hopefully we can learn the right lessons from it. Including, but not limited to, listening to women. And most importantly:



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