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Man Bun Ken Is Every Dudebro You've Ever Encountered

Kale and kombucha not included
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Man Bun Ken™ truly arrived at the perfect moment. On Tuesday, Mattel unveiled a slew of new Ken dolls that are more diverse than ever, and one in particular captured the heart of the meme-obsessed Internet: Man Bun Ken.


With political hot takes flying faster than the speed of light yesterday, Man Bun Ken™ became a perfect stand-in for every obnoxious, mansplaining dudebro that you’ve ever had to suffer through conversations with. 


Democrat Jon Ossoff losing a closely-contested special election in the deeply-red Georgia 6th? Man Bun Ken™ has thoughts!




But why go in hard on Ossoff when you could just blame a woman instead?



If you hadn’t already observed, Man Bun Ken™ hates “identity politics!”





And is convinced that the man who lost the Democratic primary could have won the general election (the logistics of electoral politics be damned!).



Through it all, Man Bun Ken™ assures you he’s definitely a feminist.





Never change, Man Bun Ken.™ We have too much fun satirizing you on Twitter dot com.



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