Top 6 Super Bowl Memes

The most exciting outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII certainly wasn’t the score.

Grown men ran after a ball and tackled each other while wearing tights, Bruno Mars performed with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a bunch of people stood outside in the freezing cold, while the others pretended to get excited about watching commercials, and now we can wait around for it to happen all over again next year. Yay Super Bowl! Per usual, most of the excitement came from the Internet’s reaction to the live event, and when a final score reads 43 to 8, you know people had a lot of time to play on their computers instead of watch the game. Here are the best memes from Super Bowl 2014, the real winners in our eyes.

Saw this one before the Super Bowl even happened. It was so good I decided to just stare at it for four hours instead of watch the game.


Another reason to laugh about Obamacare!


The rare occasion it works to Photoshop in a picture of Stevie Wonder.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. lost $3.5 million betting on this game. Sucks to suck.


Never not time for a good OJ joke during a football game (he was driving a white Ford Bronco).


And finally, Beyoncé. Because only one bad bitch actually blacks out the damn thang. 

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