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Editorial Series: Pressing Issues

Words have meaning. Or at least they should. In the past two years, we’ve seen some words suddenly gain prominence, and their definitions recast, while others have all but lost their meaning.. What are the historical precedents for these shifts? How does the media’s use of words alter their meaning? How has our rapidly evolving language shifted the way the American public understands key issues, and the way the rest of the world perceives America? In this ongoing series on “Shifting Language,” we explore what these sudden changes in language mean in the broader scheme of things.

Podcast: The Fifty One

Are you hungry? 15 million Americans experience food insecurity, so we explored why, how food injustice impacts women and what’s being done to fix it in the first series of our podcast, The Fifty One. In Season One we worked with local reporters across the country to explore food access in their communities. Listen and subscribe via Apple, Google Play or Stitcher. You can also read the companion editorial series here.

First Person Essays

Often, the stories with the greatest impact are told in the first person essays that resonate with you long after you’ve finished reading them. Whether it’s a painfully personal piece about battling sexual harassment as a female firefighter, or what it’s like raising a Black son in America, these essays help you feel less alone and see the world in new ways.