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DAME and Outside Voice have teamed up and we need your help to survive! With similar missions as independent, women-owned media, we want make sure that you are well-informed about the complex challenges we face, how you can take action and where to find community you need. There’s strength in numbers, and together we speak truth to power. Join us.

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Why our members give

“I don’t remember how I originally came across DAME, but it has seriously impacted my life for the better. It has been so important for me to read and learn a POV different than my own. I have become much more effective in my volunteer work through greater understanding, and that is why support DAME as I do.”- John C.

“I can always count on Dame for exceptional writing and reporting, and a point of view that isn’t run of the mill. That’s why I click and why I’m a supporting member.”- Liz G.

“With a media landscape crowded with ‘news’ organizations whose reporting teams that aren’t diverse, and whose reporting reflects the agendas of their corporate owners, independent media like DAME is more important than ever. Supporting DAME means supporting writers and editors who and report stories that matter to women and the girls we are raising.”- Camille H.

“Dame covers stories I don’t see anywhere else, but are very relevant to me. There is clearly a lot of work that goes into each story, and the result is compelling pieces that offer different perspectives. The fact that I’m supporting women is just icing on the cake!”- Ruth R.


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