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When I first started DAME well over a decade ago, women’s media was dominated by print magazines dedicated to fashion and diet tips. Few felt like they reflected the depth of conversations I was having with my friends, and they certainly didn’t share our point of view or voice. And so DAME was born—a media company dedicated to the substantive issues that shape our world, with narratives informed by the very audience we serve.

In the time since, the media ecosystem in the United States has drastically changed. Widespread and unchecked disinformation has cultivated deep divisions and distrust in our democratic institutions, in facts, and in one another.

One thing hasn’t changed, however: The number of women leading newsrooms. Today, only 11 percent of all media is owned by women, and less than a third of the world’s top editors at major outlets are women. Even in a world that looks so different now, that void I felt years ago is still present.

DAME is a women-led, independent, reader-funded magazine dedicated to producing journalism that is accessible, intersectional, and illuminating. We tell stories that are smart, progressive, and incisive, for readers who are savvy, curious, and forward-thinking.

Our goal is to level with you; to put words to and make sense of what you’re feeling; to cut through the noise of the internet with insights and solutions that are actually meaningful to your life once you power down your screens. Our democracy is only as strong as the united, informed electorate that makes it up, and we know you have a stake in it. For that reason, we seek to tell human-centric stories that empower connection, build community, and foster participation in our government.

DAME is a publication for people who know better.

Jennifer Reitman
Founder and Publisher


Our Values

Fact-based transparency
Our reporting and editing is grounded in authenticated facts. We will not manufacture “both sides” for the sake of so-called balanced storytelling. We will tell the truth, and we will tell you when we get it wrong.

Progressive, underrepresented voices
We report from the ground up, meaning our stories feature real people affected by policy, injustice, and systemic issues. In our pages, you’ll hear from people on the margins, who typically aren’t the main characters in most stories.

Intersectional, no B.S. context
No political issue, environmental tragedy, or social change in the United States happens in a vacuum. We aim to present the full picture, the overlapping consequences, the ripple effects of the daily news to give readers accurate context.

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Our Funding Model

DAME’s operations are funded through a mix of sources, including revenue from our sister company, Dame Media, an agency which provides digital services to brands and companies. This, together with reader support and donations, keeps DAME independent.

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DAME does not currently take advertising, but we may consider values-aligned sponsors in the future.

Our Team


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Jennifer Reitman

Founder & Publisher

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Kera Bolonik


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Clare Murphy

Executive Editor

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Julie Collazo

Fact Checker

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Adriana Lacy

Audience Development

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Jennifer Taylor-Skinner

Director of Audio and Creative Development

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Terran Kim

Art Director


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Monique Judge

How It Is

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Andrea Grimes

The Well Actually

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Kaitlin Byrd

State of Disunion

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Allison Hantschel

Pressing Issues

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Jessie Daniels

Nice White Ladies

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Lauren Rankin

Access Denied

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Brynn Tannehill

Power Structures