Elvert Barnes/CC 2.0
Republicans don't have a platform. But they do know how to unify their base: Portray every Democrat as a baby killer. And support all pro-life candidates—even sexual predators like Roy Moore.
They flirt with you as you pitch your stories. Your meetings feel like dates. How can a female journalist feel good about her work when newsrooms are predominantly controlled by men?
Photo Credit: Ashton Lyle
The 'Unscrewed' author talks with DAME about "fauxpowerment" and Hugh Hefner, the fate of Roe v. Wade, and the inevitability of the current brutal backlash.
Paresh Dave/Neon Tommy, CC 2.0
If we are to believe that all sexes and genders deserve equality, then we must hold the Al Frankens of the world to account as much as the Roy Moores.
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