Paresh Dave/Neon Tommy, CC 2.0
If we are to believe that all sexes and genders deserve equality, then we must hold the Al Frankens of the world to account as much as the Roy Moores.
While it may be a haven for trolls, the social-media platform also provides many people of color a big, supportive community—and a means to find work.
As the Dems continue to hand-wring over what their "message" should be, all exit polls are pointing to the fact that they're ignoring their most loyal constituents.
The unprofitable social-media giant—a bot-and-troll-infested hellscape—has changed the way we disseminate and digest our information. Is the platform worth defending?
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Why Do We Smoke?

A longtime smoker reflects on the cultural history, appeal, and vilification of the cigarette—and why so many of us still light up, whether publicly or in secret, despite knowing its risks.

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