About DAME

About DAME

For Women Who Know Better. Smart, fast-paced news and opinions on what matters most in our lives.

Incisive. Irreverent. Curious. Provocative. That's DAME. We take an unabashed look at the issues our readers are really talking about. And like our readers, DAME is smart, quick-witted, opinionated and unapologetic.

Recalling the golden age of women’s magazines, DAME boasts an enviable roster of some of the best voices of our time. Authoritative, seasoned writers breaking stories; crafting eloquent, moving essays; offering expert advice; and weighing in on the conversations of the moment with their unique takes on relationships, gender politics, sex, race, entertainment, the arts, business, politics, Internet culture, health and everything in-between.


DAME Submission Guidelines
DAME is always on the lookout for great writers with great ideas. Rates are competitive and range based on type of feature.
One of our most distinctive features is our writers’ original, forthright voices and strong points of view, even in reported pieces. We want works that introduce new, thoughtful takes on stories that haven’t gotten a lot of attention or analysis, and fresh perspectives on those that have. Context is always essential: Why do our readers want to know about this now? And, as always, the writing has to show, not tell.
We cover politics, reproductive rights, policy, civil rights, race, sex, class, gender, LGBTQ, disability, class, media, law, cultural trends, and more.  
Essays pegged to the news: A quick, semi-reported take around a news item with significant context for the reader. We’re particularly interested in pieces that have a unique perspective or take on the news cycle.
Features: Our long-form features are semi-reported or reported stories that have strong pacing, voice, and analysis.
Think and trend pieces:  We love features that explore issues that may not be necessarily pegged to the news.  Shifts in cultural happenings,in society, or in industries.
First Person:  These are first-person essays, often memoiristic, sometimes semi-reported that center around a personal narratives.
Interviews:  We do consider political, celebrity, or personality-driven Q&As, driven by a particular theme.
  • Email your pitch to [email protected]
  • Include a brief detail in your subject line, and then in the first sentence of the email, a sentence on what the pitch is. Include links to clips, your website, and social. We want to get a sense of you and your work.
  • Knock us out in the first few sentences of your email to us—we want to get excited right away, just as we hope our readers will by your feature.  Tell us why your story will be perfect for DAME.
  • Take a good look around damemagazine.com before you send us a pitch.  It should be obvious what we publish. If you pitch a piece about say, fitness, diet tips or beauty, we know you didn’t take the time to read the site.
  • Send attachments. Please don’t make us open word documents, PDFs, or other files. Boil your pitch down to one or two short paragraphs.
  • Pitch poetry, art or fiction (unless as an excerpt or serial from a book you’ve published)
  • Pitch anything previously published
  • If your pitch is under multiple submission, please let us know.



The Team

Publisher & Founder - Jennifer Reitman

Editor-in-Chief - Kera Bolonik

Editor-at-Large – Amy Westervelt

Strategy & Operations - Jennifer Mathis

Social Strategy - Sarah Lerner


Pitches and Queries - [email protected]