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DAME Magazine is Back

We went to the bar to grab a drink and—what?!?—five years flew by. Sorry. Won’t happen again.
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So what the hell happened to DAME Magazine?

Let’s just say version 1.0 didn’t go as planned.

Here’s the story. We launched damemagazine.com in 2007. Then—and most of you will remember this—the economy went all Paula Abdul on us.

Banks lined up for handouts. Automakers imploded. The housing market fell apart. As a startup it became impossible for DAME to attract the ad dollars we needed to pay good writers.

So we waited. We plotted. We schemed. We saved our money, and we hired new people and forged on.


Because we have had it up to here with “women’s magazines.”

They’re too young, too old, too snarky, too spiritual, too self-referential.

They’re too narrow or too broad.

There is a group of women out there who don’t have a site (or magazine) that speaks to them. They already know the 25 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex, Sculpt The Perfect Rear and Be a Beauty Ninja. They do all three before leaving for work in the morning.

To them we offer DAME. For Women Who Know Better.

damemagazine.com is where they can go for the stories people are talking about, presented with the wit and panache we admire in our closest friends. It’s Dorothy Parker meets The Economist meets happy hour with new shoes.

DAME is smart, fast, ironic and opinionated. We don’t drone on, and we don’t dumb down. We entertain, inform, amuse, provoke and inspire. Expect to find the latest thinking on style, trends, pop culture, technology, politics, business, finances, family, design, friends and everything in-between—all with the razor-sharp wit and wisdom that dames love and nobody else delivers.

Like what you see at DAME?

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Have a comment, suggestion or margarita recipe we should know about?

Email us at [email protected].

Speaking on behalf of our talented staff, it’s great to be back. We won’t let that thing where we disappeared for five years happen again.

Jennifer Reitman, publisher of DAME

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