Sure they’re all great women – but who’s the greatest? Only one way to find out…
Art by Daiana Feuer
It turns out all applicants for the Pope job need to pass a simple written test.
Art by Daiana Feuer
Exclusive to DAME: Governor Mike Pence of Indiana’s secret plans to give a positive spin to forced vaginal ultrasounds.
Lead image by Kayla Silber, Inline artwork by Daiana Feuer
How you know you’ve crossed the bridge to womanhood.
Why we’re heading inexorably towards America’s Next Top Undertaker.
Dear Santa, please send me a Ryan Gosling Shake Weight.
If OK! was around in the first century.
If there’s one thing that’s worse than a guy who won’t commit to a relationship, it’s one who will. On the first date.
In which the world’s favorite Ryan detects notes of oak and blueberry.
Art by Dennis Nishi
We already have pens, razors and tool kits for women. But why stop there?

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