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Feed Frenzy: #OscarsSoWhite, Boko Haram Horror, + More

The week’s need-to-know links that have been all up in your feeds.

George Zimmerman Gets Arrested Again for Assault and Domestic Violence What does it take to lock this guy up for good?


Virginia Lawmaker Imprisoned for Having Sex with a Teenage Staff Member Wins Election from Jail A gross misinterpretation of the state’s slogan.


CDC Says Flu Vaccine Is Only 23 Percent Effective Our 102-degree fever corroborates this finding.


Boko Haram Forced Kidnapped Girls to Be Suicide Bombers The tragedy of their deadly reign continues to reach unfathomable depths.  


Oscar Hasn’t Been This White in 19 Years. Women don’t fare so well either And the award for appalling lack of diversity goes to…the Academy!


Rick Springfield Gets Emotional During Butt-Injury Lawsuit Jessie’s girl would never sue him for this.


Fred Armisen Has a Bad Reputation Apparently normalcy is his best impression.


Michigan GOP Governor Vetoes NRA-Backed Gun Bill Because it would endanger victims of domestic violence. It’s been a long time since we’ve wanted to high-five a Republican.


InTouch “Dolls Up” Bruce Jenner on Their Cover Kris Jenner is outraged, and for once we agree with her.


U.S. Eases Travel Restrictions to Cuba Flights will have to wait till the celebratory cigar smoke clears.