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Feed Frenzy: ‘Rolling Stone’s Victim-Blaming Blunder, + More

The week’s need-to-know links that have been all up in your feeds.

Beverly Johnson Says Cosby Drugged Her in the ’80s His reprehensible behavior has been overlooked for decades. But there’s no denying it now. The only silver lining is that there’s strength in numbers, which, unfortunately, continue to grow. 


Florida Twin Sisters Fight Over Boyfriend…and a Sex Toy Haven’t they heard the saying good vibes only?  


Stephen Colbert Interviews Serial’s Sarah Koenig As we mentally prepare for only one more week with each. 


Sony Hack Reveals Racist Emails Between Chair Amy Pascal and Producer Scott Rudin You think Obama likes Django Unchained? How about Dumb and Dumber.


Rolling Stone Criticizes Jackie for UVA Rape Story Inaccuracies then Retracts its Piece Not surprising, we always blame the victim.


This Weekend Marks the Two-Year Anniversary of Sandy Hook There have been more than 85 school shootings since. What are lawmakers waiting for?


Black Female Students Are Suspended More than White Female Students The darker their skin, the more likely their suspension.


Golden Globe Nominations Are Announced How Transparent is it that we want Jill Soloway’s show to win?


In a Tremendous Show of Support for Ongoing Demonstrations, Congressional Staffers Walk Out to Protest Brown and Garner Grand Jury Decisions How many walkouts will it take for justice to be served?


The Senate Intelligence Committee Releases Report on Torture by the CIA In case anyone still thought we were the good guys.