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Feed Frenzy: Kim K. Hits Bottom, #CosbyMeme, Lorde’s Dick Joke, + More

The week’s need-to-know links that have been all up in your feeds.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly introduces Mike Huckabee with an accidental F-bomb. That’s not his name?


Paper Magazine tries to break the Internet with Kim Kardashian's asset. Apparently no one knew until this week that she has a tuchus.


Dartmouth students bombard Texas Governor Rick Perry with questions about anal sex. A worthwhile probe.


Diplo mocks Taylor Swift’s lack of booty, Lorde cuts him down to size. With a tiny penis joke. Praise be.


Bill Cosby’s Twitter campaign backfires marvelously with a rash of serial rapist jokes. The proof is in the meme pudding. Good job, Internet.  


13 women killed in botched sterilization in India. The government says it has no official sterilization quotas. But these women were also told this procedure was perfectly safe.


Feminist is winning Time’s banned word poll. We’ve got an addition to the list: troll bait.


Students test positive for a rape drug after drinking at a Brown University frat party. Another notch in the bedpost of college campus’ spiraling rape culture. Thankfully, a small police force in Ashland, Oregon, is figuring out how to handle it—every school should be taking notes.


Federal investigation into Joan Rivers’s death reveals clinic’s mistakes. Turns out the technicians in the operating room were more concerned with snapping selfies than the comedian’s vitals. And that’s no laughing matter.