Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand as college roommates
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Feeding Frenzy: Women Geniuses, a Jerk-Shaming Bartender, + More

The week’s need-to-know links that have been all up in your feeds.

Connie Britton and Kirsten Gillibrand Were Roommates in College And look at Connie Britton's feathered hair!


MacArthur Names Many Women “Geniuses” Graphic novelist/memoirist Alison Bechdel and sociologist Jennifer L. Eberhardt are just two among the diverse group of nine women (including two lesbians) out of 21 granted geniuses. In the words of Drake, “We made it, we made it.” 


Republicans Unanimously Block Equal Pay One half of our government claims that statistics aren’t true, while controlling our bodies and paychecks to suppress equality. What year is this again?


The Bartender Fights Back Laura Ramadei is a national hero. And her groper Brian H. Lederman is the very definition of douchebag.


Only One Woman Makes the National Book Award Non-fiction List
 So we’re geniuses, but not good writers.


This Rapist Urged a Girl to Commit Suicide While He Watched via Skype Could this guy be more monstrous


Barbra Streisand Returns to the Tonight Show After 50 Years Reminding us that she can be a very funny girl while reducing Fallon into a verklempt  fangirl. 


Iranians Sentenced to Six Months and 91 Lashes for Dancing to “Happy” More like “sad.” Thankfully their sentences were suspended unless they reoffend.


TechCrunch Wades into Gender Equality Chat with ManServant App Let’s just agree to keep the tech guys away from the gender-equality conversation unless they’re chatting about hiring more women.