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DAME’s Newsfeed: “Yes Means Yes” Endorsement, ISIS Teens, Mike Tyson, + More

This week’s roundup of the good, the bad, and the “you can’t be serious” news that’s got everyone talking.

The Good

The New York Times Endorses “Yes Means Yes”

On Tuesday, one of the world’s most popular newspapers supported the “Yes Means Yes” standard for sexual consent in an important op-ed. “Sexual assault is rampant on campuses, and colleges have failed to respond adequately. ‘Yes means yes’ won’t make these problems disappear. But the new standard is worth trying,” the paper’s editorial board wrote. First they support legalizing marijuana and now this—it’s looking like this old institution is becoming a force modern young woman can get behind. Or on top of. If everyone says yes first.


Royal Baby Number 2 Is on the Way

Prince George is about to be a big brother. Not wasting any time, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have announced royal baby numero dos. Might some new young female blood join the royal ranks? If not, we hope the new addition keeps the royal family interesting by taking after his uncle—partying, and occasionally getting naked (and photographed) in Vegas. YOLO, little prince.


The Bad

Oscar Pistorius Ruled Not Guilty

The South African Olympic athlete famous for his lack of legs was acquitted of all murder charges, as the presiding Judge Masipa accepted Pistorius’s claim that he thought he was shooting at an intruder, not his girlfriend, 29-year-old Reeva Steenkamp. Judge Masipa still found him guilty of culpable homicide—killing through negligence rather than intent—and three firearms charges, so he could still face up to 15 years in prison. But after the controversial ruling on a case that transfixed the country, and much of the world, the question remains: Why would Pistorius think a home intruder would lock themself in the bathroom instead of fleeing the scene? Seems “insufficient evidence” is an all-too-common way men who harm their partners get out of harsh consequences these days. And rich men all-too-often get away with murdering women. 


Missouri Lawmaker Suing to Deny His Daughters Birth Control

Missouri State Rep. Paul Joseph Wieland and his wife Teresa are in the process of suing the Federal government over the Affordable Care Act’s minimum coverage requirement, which includes birth control. A la Hobby Lobby, the overbearing parents claim the government is forcing them to violate their religious beliefs by allowing their three teenage daughters to access birth control at no additional cost. The Wielands can be reached at: MO House of Representatives 201 West Capitol Avenue Room 301 Jefferson City, MO 65101; 573.751.3607; and Paul.Wieland@house.mo.gov. Please feel free to give them a piece of your mind.



Teen Girls Who Join ISIS

Rather than channeling their angst into surreptitious cigarette smoking and ill-advised make-out sessions, teen girls from Glasgow to Canada have been supporting ISIS on Twitter. New York magazine’s look at the phenomenon found that not only are these radical Westerners vocal ISIS recruiters, but some have even moved to Syria to marry ISIS soldiers. This is what we need to protect our daughters from, not birth control. 


The “You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me”




Mike Tyson Freaks Out at Newscaster who Mentions his Rape Conviction

While in Toronto promoting his one-man show, Mike Tyson met with Rob Ford and officially endorsed his mayoral campaign calling the crack-smoking politician, “the best mayor in Toronto’s history.” But when a CP24 news anchor asked Tyson if the fact that he’s a convicted rapist could actually harm Ford’s campaign more than help it, the former-boxer responded by calling the interviewer a piece of shit, followed by a string of fuck you’s. This morning, Ford dropped out of the race, so it looks like Tyson's endorsement worked out just fine. 


Wendy Davis Inspires Abortion Truthers

There is a group of people in America who seriously claim Wendy Davis’s story about her two abortions is a lie. “Maybe she had the abortion, maybe she didn't. Maybe her reasons were as compelling as she claims. But the reasons Davis gives for having had her abortions are unproven and statistically unlikely,” Dustin Siggins wrote in the conservative National Review Online. 'Cause women are always trying to pull one over aren't they?


The Techy

Apple Announces a Watch

We all knew it was coming and now the Apple Watch is here, very pretty and maybe useful. But what else arrived that nobody saw coming? U2’s new album, which unexpectedly infiltrated every single iTunes library. This is a conspiracy theory worth looking into. Mysterious ways, indeed.