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Three Suspects Confess to the Gang Rape and Murder of Two Girls in India

The teens’ gruesome deaths spark outrage about the country’s sexual assault problem.

Three men in Northern India have confessed to the ghastly gang rape and murder of two teenage girls who were found hanging from a mango tree on Wednesday in Katra. The men, who are cousins in their 20s and could receive the death penalty if found guilty, assaulted and killed the 14- and 15-year-old girls, who are also cousins, when they left their toilet-less home during the night to relieve themselves. According to AP, villagers, angry about the attack and the slow response from authorities, protested by staying near the tree after the girls were found, “demanding that police find the attackers before allowing them to remove the bodies.” Two suspects were arrested Wednesday, one Saturday, and the police are still looking for two more.

Sexual violence against woman runs rampant in India, and these murders have caused a public outcry that will hopefully quell the rate of assaults, a number of which stem from women having to go out into the fields at night because of a lack of bathrooms. In India, more than half a billion people lack access to toilets, which, a recent study said, causes 30 percent of women from poor families to face sexual assault every year. It won’t happen again in Katra, the murdered girls’ village, however. A New Delhi–based social service organization is paying for toilets to be installed in each of the town’s 108 homes. 

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