How To Have the Best Weekend (At Home) Ever

What we’ll be listening to, watching, and reading to sate our pop culture needs.
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Dare we say that winter might be behind us? We’ll definitely be getting out of the house this weekend, but we’re reserving at least a few hours inside for all this good stuff. 

‘Doll & Em’ on HBO

Entertainment Weekly describes HBO’s new comedy as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ladies!, so of course we can’t wait to catch up on the premiere, which aired Wednesday and stars Emily Mortimer as a movie star who hires her childhood friend as an assistant. Dolly Wells, Mortimer’s actual childhood friend and current BFF, plays her assistant and the two created and wrote this comedy about the fraught nature of female friendship, which also includes some improvisation. Future cameos by Chloe Sevigny and Susan Sarandon playing versions of themselves? Yes please!

‘Pregnant Butch’ by A.K. Summers

What happens when a resolutely butch lesbian gets pregnant? That’s exactly what A.K. Summers explores in this graphic novel from Soft Skull Press based on her own experience. As a masculine woman going through the most female of life events, Summers looks at birth, gender, and rarely talked about queer pregnancy with honesty and hilarity.

‘Kiss Me Once’—Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is the Madge of the land down under, except she’s aging more gracefully, and Kiss Me Once, her twelfth full-length, is her best album in years. Start by watching her video for “Sexercise,” wonder where she discovered the fountain of youth, then dance around to the rest of the album’s big, shiny pop hoping some of it will rub off.

‘Anita’ documentary

Spring is here, and in many cities, the weather is actually inviting, so get out of the house and see ‘Anita,’ the Anita Hill doc made by the Oscar-winning director Freida Mock, which opens in select cities Friday, 3/21, and get an intimate view of her journey from Clarence Thomas testifier to sexual-harassment-awareness hero.  

‘The Divorce Papers’ by Susan Rieger

A charming and painful story of love’s modern-day plague, Susan Rieger’s The Divorce Papers is an epistolary novel, told only in letters, emails, court documents, and handwritten notes. With a sassy heroine like Sophie Diehl, the criminal lawyer stuck with her first divorce case, examining even the most painful parts of a dissolving marriage is not only bearable, but also entertaining.