Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren Doesn’t Suffer Colleague Erick Erickson Gladly

She rips into the dreadful “jokester” for calling Wendy Davis “Abortion Barbie.” And it’s not the first time.

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Greta Van Susteren had no qualms about calling her Fox News colleague Erick Erickson a “jerk” after he said a bunch of sexist things about Wendy Davis and repeatedly called her “Abortion Barbie.”

After Davis acknowledged some inaccuracies in her official biography, Erickson, like many other conservatives, pounced: “So Abortion Barbie had a Sugar Daddy Ken. No [sic] exactly the bio she claimed,” he tweeted. “I love how alpha male @WendyDavisTexas sounds when she’s angry,” Erickson wrote in another tweet. And: “Well, Abortion Barbie does have a vocal fan club. Might be larger except for the open season on anyone under 40 weeks.”

Van Susteren (who, somewhat hilariously, had no clue who Erickson was beforehand, writing in her post that “I read someplace that he was a CNN contributor and is a Fox News contributor”) responded to Erickson’s remarks with a post on her GretaWire blog called “What is wrong with this guy? He is such a jerk! He is a repeat offender!” In the post, Van Susteren says that Erickson has a “pattern of being disrespectful to women,” and refers to him as a “real jerk [who] is really lousy at being a spokesperson for his views.”

Erickson, she continued, is one of those “creeps who take cheap shots because they are too ignorant and small to engage in an important discussion. The best they can do is make themselves look really bad. No one should pay any attention to them—they are not persuasive, they are noise, and in some instances boorish and obnoxious.”

Perhaps proving her point, Erickson responded with a very insincere blog post called “A Very Sincere Thank You to @Gretawire.” First, he threw in some anti-Davis, anti-abortion comments: “Wendy Davis has staked her career on the right to chop a child to bits, no matter how viable the child is. The media prefers to ignore that to which Wendy Davis staked her career.” And then added a little bit of condescension. “That Greta Van Susteren is offended by me, thinks me creepy and a jerk, and thinks I should not be listened to is of no harm or consequence to me,” he wrote. “Thank you Greta for putting this issue in the spotlight…I applaud her willingness to give greater exposure to my tweets because it causes more people to dig into Wendy Davis.”

This is not the first time Van Susteren has been appalled by Erickson (though apparently she had forgotten about it): In response to a Fox Business panel last May in which Erickson lamented female breadwinners, she wrote another post titled “Have these men lost their minds? (and these are my colleagues??!! oh brother… maybe I need to have a little chat with them) (next thing they will have a segment to discuss eliminating women’s right to vote?).”

Amy Davidson put it another way for The New Yorker back in August, pointing out that Erickson’s shtick is to make pointed (and unfunny) jokes about abortion rights: “For Erickson, the subject of abortion rights, and the way that women act as if their life and health depend on it, is a rich mine for humor…. His jokes are not funny both because they are not funny and because the Republican Party is, at the moment, very serious about dismantling abortion rights in state legislatures across the country.”

Indeed, Erickson has a long track record of jokey sexist remarks (and non-sexist ones—he once called former Supreme Court Justice David Souter a “goat-fucking child molester”). In 2010, for instance, he responded to outrage over a Super Bowl ad put out by the anti-abortion group Focus on the Family by tweeting: “That’s what the feminazis were enraged over? Seriously?!? Wow. That’s what being too ugly to get a date does to your brain.” He also suggested that “Ugly feminists return to their kitchens.” And he was forced to apologize for tweeting the following during the 2012 Democratic National Convention: “First night of the Vagina Monologues in Charlotte going as expected.”

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