Best Weekend

How To Have the Best Weekend (At Home) Ever

What we’ll be watching and reading to sate our pop culture needs.

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There is so much to watch and read this weekend, we don’t know how we’ll fit it all in—but that is what DVR is for. And wintertime cold snaps, right?

‘Drinking with Men’

We just may pour ourselves one of New York Times Magazine “Drinks” columnist Rosie Schaap’s Bitter Darlings (a riff off the Manhattan, made with rye, ginger syrup, clementine juice, and bitters), and cozy up with her funny, moving memoir Drinking With Men (Riverhead Books), which just came out in paperback this week. With insight and wry wit, she recounts memorable stories that span from her adolescence to her late 30s, as she barhops from New York to California and across the Atlantic to Ireland, extolling the virtues of being a regular at the local pub, and a woman among men.


‘Veronica Mars’

The Veronica Mars movie isn’t coming out until March 14, but we may just need to binge-watch the entire TV series, which is now live-streaming on Amazon Prime. You know, to brush up.


‘My Life in Middlemarch’

Those of us who read it are rereading the George Eliot classic, Middlemarch—others of us may be experiencing it for the first time—so that we can fully appreciate New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead’s meditation on the seminal novel of her youth, entitled My Life in Middlemarch (Crown), which we can’t wait to dig into.


‘Imitation of Life’

Speaking of enjoying an old favorite, if you’ve never seen Douglas Sirk’s final film, Imitation of Life (1959), honor the life of co-star Juanita Moore, who died earlier this week at 99. Moore earned an Oscar nomination for her incredible performance as the black housekeeper and confidante to a Broadway star (Lana Turner)—and mother of a daughter who is eager to pass for white.


Sunday TV: ‘Golden Globes,’ ‘Girls,’ and ‘True Detective’

Sunday night is an embarrassment of riches. Oh, our poor DVR. We have Amy and Tina hosting the Golden Globes. The season-three premiere of Girls—with two, count ’em TWO—episodes, back to back! And then, also on HBO, the series premiere of True Detective, starring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, as two detectives tracking down a serial killer across Louisiana—and spanning 17 years. We’re already hooked and we have only seen the trailer!

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