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The Incredibly True Adventures of Young Hillary in Love

After two early attempts were derailed, we may finally get the film about the 2016 presidential hopeful that has both parties freaking out.

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The way things have gone the past few months it might be easier for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency than for Hollywood to make her the star of a movie. Back in September, NBC called off its biopic miniseries just hours after CNN cancelled its plans for a Hillary documentary. It seems avoiding a Clinton movie is one thing both sides of the political spectrum can agree on—Republicans fear too much exposure for the potential Democratic presidential candidate and Democrats are worried about participating in a film that might offend Clinton. But that’s not stopping Lionsgate. Deadline reports that the distribution company is in early talks to back Rodham, a feature film about the early years of young Hill in D.C. The script, written by Young Il Kim, takes us back to the Watergate scandal when Clinton was the youngest lawyer chosen for the House Judiciary Committee to impeach Nixon, but struggles to choose between a future in the White House and her feelings for ex-boyfriend, Bill Clinton, who’s back in Arkansas teaching law. Oh, young love. I’m not sure what I want first—a female president or this deliciously juicy movie. Just imagine the sex scenes.  

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