Why You Won’t Be Seeing Pretty Soldiers in Upcoming Army Promotions

Everyone thinks ugly women are more competent, says communications strategist who may unfortunately be right.

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Leaked correspondence from an Army PR rep reveals an “ugly betty” initiative to showcase “average-looking” female recruits in promotional material. The thinking outlined in the missive is that ugly women appear perspicacious while good-looking women give the impression that they depended on those looks to get ahead. The communications strategist suggests, for example, that an Army ad featuring a pretty woman wearing makeup would make “people ask if breaking a nail is considered hazardous duty.” All zero women in the Army who have ever bitched about a broken nail backed this strategy, including no woman, who said, “Maybe now they’ll let me fly drones AND get a facial.” It’s a shame that the Army is addressing the complex matrix of feminine ideals this way, but it’s a bigger shame that the status quo’s close-minded perception of women is such a problem to begin with.

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