TV Critic Brian Lowry Thinks Girl Comics Should Keep It Clean

He decided Sarah Silverman’s raunchy HBO Special didn’t warrant a review.

We can now add another clueless dude to the growing list of men who feel they have the authority to dictate a female comedian’s shtick. Welcome, Variety TV critic Brian Lowry, you can sit right between Jerry Lewis, who’s bothered by watching women make jokes, and Kenan Thompson, who said black females aren’t ready for SNL. Lowry made his Hitchens-esque viewpoint known in his non-review of Sarah Silverman’s HBO special “We Are Miracles,” mansplaining why women shouldn’t do raunchy comedy— while neglecting to actually review the show. “There’s something simultaneously fascinating and maddening about Sarah Silverman—graced with genuine talent and a well-defined comedic persona on one hand, and a commitment to pushing past the edge in a way that blunts her appeal on the other,” he starts. Dirty jokes, delivered with faux-sweet naïveté by Silverman—Lowry calls her appearance a “career-friendly gift”—are why she’s so hilarious in the first place. Which makes Lowry not only a misogynist, but also a guy who clearly doesn’t get it. This “review” isn’t Lowry’s first time patronizing female comics, telling them not to tell sex jokes. In a recent piece about Amy Schumer’s Comedy Central showInside Amy Schumer, he wrote, “Admittedly, the familiar format tends to yield a hit-miss brand of comedy, and it would be lovely if Schumer’s material didn’t return so frequently to sex, excrement and (yuck) a combination thereof.” Sorry (we’re not sorry) you can’t handle a pretty girl with a dirty mouth, Lowry. 

It’s not just about the stories. Journalism is also about who is telling them.

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