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Vice Co-Founder McInnes: Professional Women Are Miserable

We introduce his F'bomb tirade to a few facts.

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“A culture in which motherhood is a prerequisite for women who seek a measure of power or respect is not a culture that understands women as fully human.”  – Ariel Levy, The New Yorker.
It’s too bad this HuffPo Live roundtable didn’t become the “How VICE Co-founder Gavin McInnes Got Schooled” video, but instead was the “Guy Goes On a Sexist Tirade” video. As a case in point, I doubt if anyone is citing law professor Mary Anne Franks or Michael Addis, Psychology professor. No, for better or for worse (or SEO), this went viral because of what he said about women in the workplace, even as Franks and Addis effectively whack-a-moled each of his claims as they were regurgitated. The round table was supposed to be about the future of masculinity. What began as an apology for mean, aggressive men, turned into a bizarre and whiney attack on his co-speakers, highlighted by an equal and opposite paternalistic anthem to motherhood. Seeing as how he’s busy being the fuck-laden breadwinner he claims nature intends him to be, and so as not to come off as ungrateful for the statistical evidence he alludes to, I wanted to do the factual research for him in this precious time I have left before my life is rent to the ecstasy of bearing children. So let’s look closer at the “forty thousand years of evolution and facts” he liked to cite, using some facts we dug up.
Exhibit A.  “Women are so miserable in the workforce.” All this statement really proves is that the women he worked with at VICE were probably miserable.
Exhibit B. “Women are sad. So sad. They take all these hormones…” If McInnes is any indication, men must be miserable, too. Jesus, he is one mad expletive-laden MoFo. Maybe this is a pharmaceutical conspiracy, Gavin. You should make a poorly researched short documentary hosted by a drug addict, and run it on MTV9. Note:  Meanwhile, law professor Mary Anne Franks – or as McGinnis calls her, ‘the woman, I forget what her name was’ –  looked pretty damn happy. She was even laughing snidely at him. Who says we can’t be mean?   And by the way, what’s tougher than a woman who uses the word “pernicious.”  Nope, not a guy who says ‘Fuck’ every other word.
Exhibit C. “Women should stop trying to be men. It makes them miserable.” Women aren’t sad because they’re trying to be men. Women are sad these days because many of them have to be men AND women. Get this guy a copy of the The Second Shift, stat. 
Exhibit D. But let’s say he’s right. Let’s just run with this for a minute. A woman’s sole joy is in having kids, and most women are miserable trying to be men. Firstly, men are four times more likely to commit suicide in the US. So let’s take the plank out of the proverbial eye. 
Secondly: Of women, mothers are statistically THE FARTHEST from being happy.  Studies of depression and anxiety show their incidence to be approximately 5% in non-pregnant women, approximately 8-10% during pregnancy and highest (13%) in the year following delivery.  And suicide is one of the most common causes of maternal death in the year following delivery in developed countries. 
Exhibit E. Lastly, according to this study done across 158 developed nations, the happiest women on Earth are in Brazil and Denmark, BOTH COUNTRIES THAT ARE HELMED BY WOMEN. 

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