Closet Case Study: Our GIF Recap of ‘Masters of Sex’ Episode 3

Bunnies, hookers, and gays—last night’s show was a secret-revealing extravaganza.

“Standard Deviation,” last night’s episode of Masters of Sex, was [spoiler alert!] full of secret keeping and revealing. While Libby’s got a new bun in her oven, seemingly unbothered by the fact that it doesn’t belong to her husband, our gal Betty’s gonna remain childless, unbeknownst to the pretzel king. But the biggest surprises came from the men. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

The episode started out with a flashback to when Dr. Masters was merely studying rabbit sex under the caring tutelage of Provost Barton Scully (played brilliantly by Beau Bridges).


Flash forward to “the cathouse” where Masters’ study of human sexuality has been relegated to watching hookers masturbate, even if some of them continue to fake their orgasms or in some cases, are unable to remember how old they are.


The most important revelation of the seminal (cough) study in this episode, however, comes (cough, cough) with the researchers’ foray into studying sex between men. When Johnson realizes she’s observing a gay prostitute, it kind of blows her mind.


While studying gay sex wasn’t in his original purview, Masters discovers that one of the gay pros has information he might eventually have to use to blackmail the most surprise closet-member of all.


Gay johns are, as Masters discovers, men in the shadows. Men like his mentor.


Duhn, duhn, duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhn.

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